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Tonight Saturday, September 23, 2023, airing between movies, TV series and shows.

It’s autumn 2023, let’s go together and see what Italian television has to offer tonight in prime time on the main channels, Saturday, September 23, 2023.

On Paradise 1Amadeus leads Suzuki Arena from 60 to 2000. where performers of the best hits of the 60s – 2000s will take the stage in the atmosphere of the Verona Arena. Tonight will take place: Simple Minds with Isn’t it true (Forget about me)Trevor Horn from The Buggles with Video killed the radio starPaola and Chiara with Let’s go to Bailar (Esta vida Nueva)Haddaway s What is loveAlan Sorrenti with Star SonsCaptain Sensible with HereLas Ketchup with AseredjeIrene Grundy with Burn the cityTavares with More than a womanDoctor and Medics with Spirit in the skyIva Zanichki with GypsyRednex s Cotton Eye JoeAdriano Pappalardo with Let’s start overThe Sugarhill Gang feat. Rapper’s Delight e finally a duet between Renga and Nek Angel AND Laura is not here. Also in this episode, the host returns to the role of DJ so that all viewers remember the exciting moments.

On Paradise 2Instead, the introduction to the series continues. Special Forces , and in particular with the first two episodes of the sixth season. On Paradise 3 one of the most important Italian films in the history of cinema in our country will be broadcast, we are talking about Beautiful Luchino Visconti, with Anna Magnani and Walter Chiari, where Maddalena Cecconi decides to imagine herself with her daughter Maria at an audition for an important director who is looking for a little girl for his next film, but will have to face other mothers who hope that their daughter becomes new movie star.

On Network 4 continues the series with films from the Rocky saga with Sylvester Stallone. On air tonight Rocky II where the heavyweight champion lives his life peacefully with Adriana and their firstborn. But Apollo Creed asks for revenge after the defeat received in the first chapter of the saga.

On Channel 5 The first episode of the new episode airs Are you Vales?. This is the tenth edition, in which the jury will include Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbi, Gerry Scotti and Luciana Littizzetto (the latter took the place of Theo Mammucari), and Sabrina Ferilli will be confirmed as the president of the popular jury. Alessio Sacara, Martin Castrogiovanni and Giulia Stabile will host the show, which this year will bring together Italian and international talent from all fields on stage.

Evening Italy 1 dedicated to children, primarily Ice Age 2 – Global Warming, where the main characters have to face the onset of a thaw and go on a journey in search of a new home. On their way they will meet new friends and new adventures. There will be an animated film next Bigfoot Junior where a boy named Adam with clumsy legs and disheveled hair discovers that his father is actually the mythological creature Bigfoot and decides to go visit him, but during his journey he will meet some characters that he will grow to love and find He has to meet with Victor Stack, who wants to catch Bigfoot in order to create a new type of shampoo.

On TV8 new episode Alessandro Borghese – 4 restaurants while on NINE Saturday evening meeting continues Fake – lie or truth? where, together with specialists, the psyche of some criminals is examined in order to understand which of their words and actions during interrogations are true and which are false. Channel 20offers a movie instead Losers 2010 directed by Sylvain White, a film adaptation of the comic book of the same name starring Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans and Idris Elba: a team of special forces soldiers seeks revenge…

Evening Paradise 4 inflamed from Fire – there is no way out., a 2020 film in which we see a team of firefighters take on a seemingly impossible task. Put out an out of control fire and you will have to rely on your courage to save as many people as possible. On Paradise 5for loop Six Simple Piecestheater performance is coming The best Mattia Torre, a show by Valerio Mastandrea, brought to television by director Paolo Sorrentino, which tells the terrible and at the same time comical story of Alfredo Beaumont, an ordinary man who, due to an accident, goes into crisis and becomes very bad. This is the story of our time, where cynicism reigns and where we notice how from one moment to another the transformation of character prevails over nature and the true nature of man.

On Paradise Movie we find the film Confused and happy with Marco Giallini and Claudio Bisio. The story centers on Marcello, a psychoanalyst who discovers that he is about to go blind within a few months. This causes him to become severely depressed and quit his job. His special patients will accompany him on a journey where he will begin to appreciate the little things that life offers him.

On Twenty seven in the film we find Hugh Grant and young Nicholas Hoult About the boy – Boywhere a 40 year old playboy from London finds best friends with a 12 year old boy named Marcus and they both help each other solve their problems.

On Real time the series continues Doctor AliTurkish version The Good Doctorwhile it’s on Kino34 it will be Immortalspin-off film Gomorrah and director Marco D’Amore.

On Boeingkids will start the evening with cartoons Happy melodies in which we meet Bugs Bunny, Tweety and Sylvester, Daffy Duck and all their other friends in funny events and then continue Island and heroes conducted by Lorenzo Baglioni. Paradise Gulp There are two children’s films on air. First Lena and Snowball where a little girl named Lea meets a white lion cub and decides to keep it with her to escape the smugglers who are trying to capture him. What follows is an animated film Dilili in Paris directed by Michel Ocelot, in which a mixed-race Kanak girl named Dilili comes to Paris in search of her mother; During his journey, he meets Orel, a young courier, and together they begin to investigate the disappearance of several girls by a gang calling themselves the Maestri Masks.

On Italy 2 on air EN – Chapter two, the second chapter of the famous horror film based on the novel by Stephen King and a remake of the famous film of the 90s. In this version, the story of Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgård, continues 27 years after the events of the first chapter.

History of Paradise broadcast a movie Ladies and gentlemen, good night Directed by Luigi Comencini, Nanni Loy, Luigi Magni, Mario Monicelli and Ettore Scola with Marcello Mastroianni and Vittorio Gassman: a film consisting of 14 episodes interconnected by subtle satire, dedicated to the world of television in the context of the 70s.

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