Tonight, Sunday, September 10, 2023, on TV between movies, TV series and shows.

Starting tomorrow, September 11, 2023, many television programs will return with a new episode. One morning, BellaMa’, It’s always noon, Man and woman and many others, but for now let’s wait and see what the main TV channels offer tonight Sunday, September 10, 2023.

What to watch on TV tonight Sunday, September 10, 2023

Paradise 1 programming continues with season three reruns Student with Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale, episodes number 9 and 10 entitled Two funerals and not a single wedding AND Parkour. In the first episode, we will witness the death of an elderly man, considered a playboy, during the funeral of a friend of Amalia’s grandmother, who will participate in the investigation, pushing Alice and Lara to entrust Camille to Corelia. And in the second episode, Claudio tries to protect Alice by keeping her at a distance, while in the meantime he tries to prove Giacomo’s innocence. Lara asks Alice to help her with her first expert report, concerning the death of a boy that occurred while practicing parkour. Moreover, Erica understands that she feels something for Paolona that goes beyond friendship, but this alienates her from her.

On Paradise 2 the film is airing Pompeii Paul W.S. Anderson with Emily Browning, Kit Harington, Jessica Lucas, Carrie-Anne Moss, Kiefer Sutherland, which tells the events that took place in 79 AD, a few days before a volcano destroyed the city of Pompeii in Italy, focusing on the story of a gladiator , who during the event was looking for a way to save his beloved.

Paradise 3 offers a movie Rachel, where a young Englishman hatches a plan to take revenge on his late cousin’s beautiful wife, believing that she is responsible for his death. But her idea of ​​revenge becomes more complicated when she falls under the spell of his charm. The film is an adaptation of the novel. My cousin Rachel Daphne du Maurier, starring Sam Claflin and Rachel Weisz.

Network 4 continues its reception according to the in-depth program White zonepresenter Giuseppe Brindisi, while the Turkish series continues on Canale 5. Girl and officer. In this episode, Shura has to make an important decision: to marry Peter or refuse his proposal. Meanwhile, Seyit is trying to get closer to Murvet, but her mother is trying in every possible way to prevent him, and the man, meanwhile, will be shocked by the discovery of the connection between Shura and Peter. Yahya, who returned from Ankara, received an offer to enter parliament, but does not know that Celil returned to the city with a serious injury and that is why Güzide will try to force him to accept the assignment. Finally, Shura agrees to marry Peter. Mürvet is devastated to discover that Seyit fought for Shura, and the thought that she is no match for a girl in relation to a man destroys her mentally. Moreover, Alya is ready to avenge her brother with the help of Peter, who in return asks for a letter that Billy has. The latter gives it to her before his death, and Alya runs to talk to Seyit.

On Italy 1 acquaintance with the series continues FBI – Most Wanted and on TV8 there will be the best of past seasons Italy has talent, and the new edition will be available to stream on Disney+ starting September 1, 2023. On NINE PanPers and Elettra Lamborghini offer an evening of comedy with Just entertainment – comedy show.

On channel 20 continue football qualification for the 2024 European Championship with the Ireland men’s football team match against the Netherlands at Paradise 4 there will be a movie Quest, an action classic starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. In the 1996 film, the actor plays a petty thief named Christopher DuBois who finds himself in Southeast Asia in 1925 after boarding a smuggler’s ship and escaping those who wanted to kill him. Here he will become Lord Dubois and go to a martial arts tournament.

Continuing the cult films, tonight on Sunday September 10, 2023 on the TV channel Iris we find Al Pacino in Face with a scar, in the 1983 film, in which he plays Tony Montana, a man who, after fleeing Cuba to the States to seek his fortune, is spotted by the henchmen of Lopez, a local crime lord. Tony Montana will soon become the king of the drug trade, but he will have to pay a very high price for his actions.

On Paradise 5 new episode of the program is on air Across the river and into the trees which explores the naturalistic, ecological and historical beauties of the most hidden places from north to south during a journey. real time on air 90 days to fall in love and then… where you can see the evolution of the couples formed in the 90 Days to Fall in Love program. On Cinema 34 Italian comedy starring Too strong, a 1985 film by Carlo Verdone in which he is the protagonist along with Alberto Sordi, where stuntman Oscar, in order to get rich, arranges an accident with a famous actress and ends up falling in love with her. Next will be another Verdone film from 1996 called I’m crazy about Iris Blonde, where the actor and director will be joined by Claudia Gerini. In the film, Carlo Verdone plays Romeo, a musician in crisis after being dumped by his girlfriend. In desperation, she turns to the Neapolitan saint, who says that she will soon find love, and from that moment Romeo begins the search for his future woman among poems, songs and flowers.

For the little ones, however, up Paradise Gulp the film is airing Wendy 2 – Best Friends Directed by Dagmar Seume with Jules Herrmann, Jasmine Herath, Benjamin Sadler and Maren Kroymann, we see how twelve-year-old Wendy is unhappy about having to spend her summer holidays on her grandmother’s farm, but meeting the mare Dixie changes her thoughts and her life. There will be an animated film next Winx Club – The Secret of the Abyss, the third animated film based on the successful series created by Iginio Straffi. Made in CGI, this film continues the events of the fairies of Alfea School after the fifth season of the original series and shows how the fairies of the Winx Club team up with Politea to try to stop the Trix and their enemy Tritannius from freeing themselves. three witches to conquer the Magic Dimension and try to save the Prince of Heaven.

On History of Paradisea historical film will be broadcast instead Comfort Paolo Benvenuti starring Emidio Simini, Franco Pistoni, Emanuele Carucci Viterbi, where in Rome in 1736 two Jewish thieves, sentenced to death, despite numerous tortures, refuse to renounce their faith.

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