Tonight Sunday, September 17, 2023, airing between movies, TV series and shows.

With a new week approaching, what’s the best way to start by watching TV to unwind before bed? Here’s what the main free-to-air digital terrestrial TV channels are offering tonight, Sunday 17 September 2023.

On Paradise 1 the second meeting with me is broadcast Music Award TIM 2023, an evening that was due to be broadcast live from the Verona Arena yesterday, September 16, but was postponed a day to make room on Rai 1 for the volleyball final between Italy and Poland. However, the musical evening took place on September 16th at the Verona Arena, so it will be a recording that will be broadcast tonight on Rai1. Thus, the final meeting with the third season of the series is missed. Student with Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale, as planned before this change.

On Paradise 2 there will be a movie Deep secrets of my family, directed by Stefan Brogren, with Alex Paxton-Beasley, Madeline Keys, Sonja Smits. In the 2021 film, we see Katherine Hollingsworth, owner of the family cosmetics empire, married to Chuck, struggling with her daughter Hayley’s illness and desperately searching for a donor.

Paradise 3 offers Provincial – Tale of Tales. In today’s episode, Federico Quaranta will discover Sardinia, its cities and its “provincial” nature. Network 4 suggests a new episode Forehand and backhandjournalistic investigation carried out by Paolo Del Debbio.

Channel 5 the program continues from the last meeting with the Turkish series Girl and officer. In today’s episode we will see how Alya asks Seyit for help after the murder. The conversation is overheard by Emine, who learns that the woman killed Billy and offers her protection while soldiers search the hotel for Alia. They treat Ali harshly, and Sabri is locked up at the outpost. If the killer is handed over to him, the child will be returned. Ali and Yahya try to intercede for Sabri, but they fail, and they go in search of Seyit. Ali finds out that Alya is in Emine’s house. Yahya manages to find Seyit in the laundry room and they decide to free Sabri by devising a plan. Alya is captured by soldiers at the docks and taken to Petro. Here, a woman discovers that she is a bargaining chip after Peter frames her for the murder of Captain Billy in exchange for receiving immunity and leaving the country in complete safety. Seyit, destroyed by Sura’s departure, is hunted by soldiers, and Murvet also escapes from them, leaving for Peru. But things get complicated when Cecil takes Tina there too. During a conversation with Guzide, it becomes clear that the latter is hiding a secret revealed to her by her sister before leaving. Meanwhile, after a tour of the city, Seyit returns to the hotel and finds Murvet there. Meanwhile, Alya is found at the port and Yaver takes her to Petro, but Seyit devises a plan to find out where she is hiding, taking revenge on Petro and freeing Alya. Meanwhile, Guzide, convinced that Yahya has left for Ankara, asks Celil to escape together. Yahya, seeing them, decides to commit suicide in front of them. A few years later, Türkiye became a republic and the British were a distant memory. Selil and Guzide live in Asmaya, where they found his brother Mahmut, who, with the help of Murvet, surprises Seyit.

On Italy 1 Episodes of the third season continue FBI: Most Wanted starring Julian McMahon as Agent Jess LaCroix and Alexa Davalos as Special Agent Christine Gaines handling the most wanted criminals in the United States. On TV8 there will be the best of past seasons Italy has talentand the new edition will be available to stream on Disney+ starting September 1, 2023.

NINE offers a comedy evening with Just entertainment – comedy show organized by Elettra Lamborghini and the PanPers group during Paradise 4 goes on air 13th warrior, a film starring Antonio Banderas as Ahmed, a young man who lives on the cusp of the year 1000 and occupies a high social position, but his privilege ends when his relationship with a woman is revealed. For this reason, he was sent to Baghdad to join the Viking warriors.

On Paradise 5 program Across the river and into the trees opens its fifth edition with a special episode of The Tempest, narrated by Ewan McGregor and set in Scotland, Norway and Iceland, before Vincenzo Saccone takes us to discover Agro Erichino, a land rich in culture, tradition and uncontaminated places.

The film will be on Rai Movie. Rainy day in New Yorkdirected by Woody Allen, in which Ashley and Gatsby plan a romantic trip to New York. Once there, Ashley discovers that she has a chance to interview director Roland Pollard, and Gatsby has a chance to meet his old flame’s sister. The cast includes Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Jude Law, Selena Gomez, Liev Schreiber, Rebecca Hall and Diego Luna.

On Real time new episode Ceremonial castle with all the celebrations at the Grand Hotel La Sonrisa during Cinema 34we find Carlo Verdone with the film Honeymoonwhich chronicles the days after the wedding of three newlyweds. Twenty seven cult film will be aired Beverly Hills Cop – Beverly Hills Cop starring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a Detroit cop, very diligent but not very keen on order and discipline, who is visited by Mikey, his friend who has just been released from prison, and asks him to spend time with his old companions. When he is killed, Axel, having asked for time off, begins an investigation into the culprit and ends up in Beverly Hills.

Paradise Gulp will hand over Henry, meet Oliver where a science experiment gone wrong causes Oliver and his dog Henry to develop telepathy. After this, the animated film will be aired. Song of the sea, where we see Ben blaming his little sister Saoirse for their mother’s death. But when a little girl is in danger, Ben embarks on an epic journey to save her life.

History of Paradise it will give space to the film instead ‘Watch, a 1989 drama film starring Ornella Muti and Giancarlo Giannini, where we see Francis II of Bourbon and his wife Maria Sophia spending a period of exile in Rome. While the sovereign suffers from the fact that he was unable to properly fulfill his role, his wife will fight to restore power.

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