Tonight Tuesday, September 5, 2023 on TV between movies, series and shows.

Tonight, Tuesday, September 5, 2023, TV channels offer a variety of shows, including movies, series and more, which can be enjoyed with the whole family, with a partner or alone to relax.

What’s on TV tonight, Tuesday, September 5, 2023

On Paradise 1Season 2 reruns continue Young Montalbano He is played by Michele Riondino, who has to come to terms with his relationship with Livia. The 2016 musical film directed by Damien Chazelle will air late tonight. La La Landstarring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. For the role of aspiring actress Mia, Emma Stone received the award for Best Actress. The film will be followed by a special edition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Venice Film Festival.

On Paradise 2fans of action movies and films with Liam Neeson will be happy to see Man above the law where the actor plays a rancher on the outskirts of Arizona who becomes the protector of a Mexican boy who is trying to escape cartel assassins chasing him from the United States. Late in the evening will be the first meeting with Pour Parlercomedy program with Maria Di Biase, Corrado Nuzzo and Francesco De Carlo.

Paradise 3 continue meeting with Red thread where Roberta Rey and Giorgio Zanchini talk about the main events of the week. On Rete 4, first release It’s always CartabiancaCartabianca ran on Rai3 until last season and has now moved with its presenter Bianca Berlinguer to the Mediaset network, continuing to cover politics, current affairs and social life.

On Channel 5After Welcome to the South On the air last night we see the sequel to Luca Miniero’s film called Welcome to the North, where we find Alberto again, who managed to secure a transfer to Milan but was abandoned by his wife because she feels neglected. Mattia is also in crisis with his soulmate and will join his friend Alberto in Milan to bring all the colors together.

Italy 1 offers to make a martial arts movie starring Kno Reeves called 47 Ronin. In the 2013 film directed by Carl Rinsch, we see a group of samurai who seek to avenge the death and dishonor of their master at the hands of a merciless shogun.

On TV8 10th edition of Beijing Express titled to go free-to-air Beijing Express: the way to India, which has already aired on Sky channels in recent months. Costantino Della Gherardesca and Enzo Michio will accompany nine pairs of competitors to India, Malaysia and Cambodia as they try to reach the ultimate goal and win this competition. Among them we find “Mediterranean” (Carolina Stramare and Barbara Preja), “Italian Americans” (Joe Bastianich and Andrea Belfiore), “Activists” (Giorgia Soleri and Federica Fabrizio, known as Federippi), “Sicilians” (Salvatore Squillaci and Barbara Lombardo), The New Marriages (Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta), The Hypochondriacs (Dario Vergassola and Caterina Vergassola), Mother and Daughter (Martina Colombari and Achille Costacurta), The Educated (Maria Rosa Petolichchio and Andrea Di Piero) and, finally, “Lawyers” (Alessandra De Michelis and Lara) Picardi).

NINEwill broadcast the film Together at last, a 2014 TV movie directed by Michael M. Scott and starring Samar Armstrong, Brendan Penny and Letoya Luckett. The film tells about the unexpected change in life for romantic reasons of a thirty-year-old single woman who works as a reverend in a small church.

On 20however, there will be investigations Silk Holmes, with Guy Ritchie’s first film featuring Robert Downey Jr.’s fearless and crazy detective, surrounded by Jude Law as his loyal assistant Watson. In this film, Holmes and Watson, after completing the capture of the murderer of Lord Blackwood, are forced to understand what is really behind his reappearance on stage.

Paradise 4 offers an evening meeting to watch a horror-tinged thriller and stream a movie. Z wants to play, where the family fears their son’s supposed imaginary friend and begins to suspect that the boy is in trouble. This is a very disturbing film that keeps the viewer in suspense until the last second.

Continuing the theme of the thriller, this time in dramatic terms, come on. Paradise 5 we find a movie Sacred Deer Sacrifice Cast: Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Barry Keoghan, Raffy Cassidy, Sunny Suljic. The plot revolves around the relationship of a sixteen-year-old boy named Martin, who lost his father on the operating table, and surgeon Steve Murphy. After expensive gifts and an invitation to dinner, Dr. Murphy’s family approves of the boy’s behavior and friendship with the doctor, but the 16-year-old’s honest intentions are overshadowed by an unsettling feeling, and retribution befalls the Murphy family. .

A film that tells a bitter, passionate and believable story is going to air Paradise Film thanks to the film Salvatore Piscitelli, The Secret Life of Maria Capasso where a young mother, widowed and left without financial assistance, turns into a ruthless woman. For the interpretation of the protagonist, we find Luisa Ranieri, who is currently busy filming Paolo Sorrentino’s new film in Naples and filming the third season of the series. Lolita Lobosco Investigationsin Bari.

On Paradise Premium the film will feature a documentary about the figure of the Italian publishing entrepreneur Mondadori Arnaldo Mondadori – Books that will change the world while on China 34 there will be a film by Carlo Verdone, black grouse, where the director and actor plays Armando Feroci, who leaves as a Red Cross volunteer in an Arab country and is threatened by local Islamists. Meanwhile, the Italian media are investigating the case, wondering who the man who was threatened with death really is.

On History of Paradisestarting from October 21, Giorgio Zanchini with Prof. Massimo Cultraro will explore Odyssey AND 5000 years or more. Long history of mankind how Homer’s work became the first ever treatise on the sea, and how it became the forerunner of many adventure novels set at sea.

On Italy 2there will be a cartoon Lupine III – Seal of Blood, Siren of Eternity, where the gentleman thief Lupine finds himself forced by his owner to steal an aquamarine gem called “Siren’s Scales” that was presented at a secret auction. But Lupine will discover that the gem is a fake and that the real Scala della Sirena is part of a mysterious riddle that has always remained unsolved and leads to the overcoming of mortality.

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