Tonight Wednesday, September 27, 2023, airing between movies, TV series and shows.

Here’s what to watch on TV tonight, Wednesday, September 27, 2023, for a carefree evening of music, TV shows, movies and more, including a new music date Sukuzi Arenastories about Who saw it?movies like Good afternoon AND I’ll come too going through historical epiphanies.

On Paradise 1a new meeting with Suzuki Arena from 60 to 2000. where Amadeus, as in the case of Saturday, September 23, 2023, will make the audience of the Verona Arena and at home listen to all the hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s, inviting original artists to the stage and where the presenter himself plays the role of a DJ at the console.

On Paradise 2It will be a western drama Final revenge, set in 1900. During the Christmas season, Sheriff Casey, on a solo journey through the desert, must come to terms with decisions made in the past and save the woman he is in love with. Next we will have a special offer 90th minute with a report on all matches of the Serie A championship. Paradise 3continues to investigate mysterious disappearances in Who saw it? the channel’s historical program, hosted by Federica Sciarelli, while on Network 4 we find Mario Giordano in a new meeting with Outside the corein-depth shows on topics such as current events, politics and more.

Channel 5 programming continues with a third meeting with Maria Corleone, a fiction in which a young woman reclaims her family name despite wanting a quiet life but at the same time having to honor the name she bears. On Italy 1 there will be a movie San Andreaswith Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario, where we see Los Angeles Fire Department rescuer Ray Gaines, seismologist Lawrence Hayes and his student Kim Park discover a strong seismological swarm and, during the discovery, find themselves in a magnetic field where it causes a strong earthquake.

TV8 dedicate an evening to talent with a second audition appointment X factor 17 where we see judges Ambru Angiolini, Fedez, Morgan and Dargen D’Amico trying to find new Italian music talent. On NINE we find the film Exodus – Gods and Kings 2014 film directed by Ridley Scott, which tells the story of the legendary escape of the Jews from Egypt to the Promised Land through the Red Sea. On the channel 20 there will be a movie Italian work with Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg and Jason Statham, where we see Charlie leading a gang that manages to steal a huge loot from a palace in Venice, but one of the gang members tries to steal all the loot.

On Paradise 4 there will be a movie Let it snow where after an off-piste trip, snowboarder Mia finds herself estranged from her boyfriend Max, lost in the snow and in addition to surviving nature and adverse conditions, she must also escape from a man on a snowmobile who is pursuing her, armed with an axe. The evening has come Paradise 5 begin with James Cameron – World of Fantasy, where Oscar-winning director James Cameron, Star Wars creator George Lucas and other guests explore the concept of aliens in science fiction. Space late at night Patti Smith: Electric Poetdocumentary focusing on the life and career of singer Patti Smith, spanning two episodes Rock legends the first of which will be dedicated Ray Charles and the second by the British group dei from the 1960s. Kinks.

Paradise Film will spend the evening in the company of Richard Gere and Kim Basinger in No mercy The 1986 action film sees cop Eddie Gillette move to New Orleans to settle a score after killing his partner on behalf of Losado’s boss, a terrible criminal. But on the banks of the Mississippi he meets Michelle, a beautiful girl who is none other than the girlfriend of the man he is looking for.

On Twenty sevenwe find Omar Sy in Doctor Knock, where he plays a criminal who, after becoming a doctor, moves to the French Alps, but here he realizes that all the inhabitants are in excellent health and develops a plan to attract patients to him. On Real time new episodes continue Marriage at first sightwhere two complete strangers meet for the first time on their wedding day and only after a period of living together decide whether to continue living as a couple or ask for a divorce.

On Cinema 34 we find two Italian comedies. It starts with Good afternoon, a 2012 film starring Diego Abatantuono, Christian De Sica, Lino Banfi, Vincenzo Salemme, Teresa Mannino, Maurizio Mattioli, Chiara Francini, Paolo Conticini, Gabriele Cirilli and many others. The film follows the adventures of various characters as they live the daily life of an Italian day, one day and everything that happens in it. Next we find I’ll come too, a comedy starring the couple consisting of Maria Di Biase and Corrado Nuzzo, with Gabriele Dentoni, who form a trio consisting of a boy on the autism spectrum, a woman just released from prison and a suicidal social worker who goes on a trip on board automobile. This will completely change their life. The cast also includes Ambra Angiolini, Francesco Paolantoni, Aldo Baglio, Cristelle Cichetto, Vincenzo Salemme and Alessandro Haber.

History of Paradise offers in a new meeting with the program Woman sign the story of Teresa Mattei, teacher, party activist and Italian politician, who devoted her entire life to defending the rights of the Constitution and childhood. This is followed by a weekly meeting with 1939-1945 World War II.we will see the episode “Resistance”, which will show how people resisted during the WWII attacks in shelters and at night.
For boys, however, they keep going up. Paradise Gulp reruns of the series Red braceletsthe highly successful 2010s drama Paradise.

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