Tonight Wednesday, September 6, 2023 on TV between movies, series and shows.

Today, Wednesday, September 6, 2023, the main channels will be broadcasting a wide selection of movies, series and more to watch after dinner and relax before bed to face the new day.

Here’s what to watch on TV tonight Wednesday, September 6, 2023

On Paradise 1will be broadcast Sister Act 2 – Crazier Than Ever, where we’ll find Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris Van Cartier, who is called to take on the mantle of Sister Maria Claretta to teach music to a group of students at a dilapidated school under threat of closure. Thanks to her vitality, Sister Maria Claretta decides to save the institute by inviting her students to take part in a song contest dedicated to the choirs.

Paradise 2 continues his assignment to tournaments European Men’s Volleyball Championship 2023where tonight the Italian team will have to challenge the German team. Next is the second weekly meeting with a new comedy show. Pour Parler directed by Maria Di Biase, Corrado Nuzzo and Francesco Di Leva.

On Paradise 3instead it goes on air Oil an in-depth program led by Duilio Gianmaria, dedicated to the artistic and natural beauties and treasures of Italy. This special issue will analyze the topic of longevity. Network 4 presents the first date with the new season Out of the core, a program that gives space to the most unconventional and ideological ideologies, led by the irrepressible Mario Giordano. On Channel 5 continue meeting with beyond paradisespin-off series Crimes in Paradisein which Inspector Goodman solves cases that arise in the city of Devonshire, and in the meantime tries to maintain a relationship with his partner.

On Italy 1 the best of the five summer meetings will be broadcast with a music program Beats live, where the best performances of the singers who performed on the stages of the show on the stages of Bari and Gallipoli will be reproduced again. On La-7, almost a year after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a film is being offered. Queen – Queenstarring Helen Mirren, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2007 for this performance. The film tells the story of the moment when Queen Elizabeth II receives media attention after the death of Diana Spencer, Lady D., on August 31st. , 1997.

On TV8 replays continue Name this tune – Guess the songoriginally led by Enrico Papi and replaced after his move to Mediaset by two members of The Jackal, Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo, both winners LOL – Whoever laughs is out. in two different editions.

On NINETerence Hill will join us with My name is Nobodywhere he is joined by Henry Fonda. In the story, Jack Beauregard, a very famous former gunslinger from the Old West, wants to move to Europe and stay in the world. But a young gunslinger named “Nobody”, his big fan, wants him to challenge and forces Jack to meet the Wild Gang, a gang of 150, to earn him a place in history.

On Paradise 4 drama will air Cave – Water in the throat where we see a young Thai football team of 12 children become trapped in a cave and put their lives in danger until rescuers arrive. The film tells the true story of a cave rescue in 2018 and stars diver Jim Warney as himself.

On Paradise 5 it will be Night of the Arts which offers a documentary called “The Palace of Crossed Fates” in which we will travel to distant palaces with Renaissance views to discover new artistic techniques that aim to bring the past into the present and then give space with greater attention ducal palace. Palace of Urbino. It is then broadcast late in the evening. Radiohead – Soundtrack to Revolution which offers an unparalleled look at the most famous band at the turn of the 90s and 2000s and shortly thereafter for the program. rock legendsThe main characters of today’s episode will be INKSS, very active musical group of the 80s and 90s between new age and electronic pop phenomena.

On Paradise Film the film will air Mayor of Sanita District, with Francesco Di Leva, Massimiliano Gallo, Adriano Pantaleo and artist Jorit Agoch. Directed by Mario Martone, it is a modern adaptation of the theatrical work of Edoardo De Filippo and centers on Antonio Barracano, a criminal from the Sanita district of Naples who decides to intervene when Rafiluccio decides he wants to kill his father and will do everything to reconcile the two men.

On Twenty sevenbut will AXL- Extraordinary Friendship2018 film telling a story AHL – which means Attack, Study, Logistics is a robot dog equipped with artificial intelligence and created by the military to protect the soldiers of the future, which was discovered after a failed experiment by a boy named Miles, who finds a way to contact him and establish a strong and lasting bond. trust.

in real time delves into the gossip about the divorce of two stars of show business with Kim Kardashian vs. Kanye West: divorce, which will show all the stages of the marriage between the two and the reason for its end. On Kino34 place for comedy Sharm el-Sheikh – an unforgettable summer where Fabio, discovering that his boss wants to fire him, will follow him to Egypt, to Sharm el-Sheikh, during his vacation, to try and get him to change his mind. The cast includes Giorgio Panariello, Enrico Brignano, Maurizio Casagrande, Cecilia Dazzi and Michela Quattrociocchi.

On History of ParadiseInstead, Angela Rafanelli and Michela Sescon host a new episode Woman signthe program is dedicated to women leaders who have left a mark on our country, and tonight is dedicated to Letizia Battaglia, a famous Italian photographer who was also an Italian photojournalist and politician and who passed away on April 13, 2022. in the late evening, the second meeting with 1939 – 1945. World War II. conducted by Paolo Mieli with narration by Carlo Lucarelli and advice from historians such as Giovanni Sabbatucci, Nicola Labanca, Lutz Clinkhammer, with the aim of reconstructing the history of the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis during World War II.

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