Toño Mauri Is Discharged After Living Hell With COVID-19

Photo: ufhealth

The actor had been hospitalized for months and required a double lung transplant.

Toño Mauri was discharged from the hospital after eight months of fighting COVID-19 and was fired amid applause from doctors, nurses, and hospital employees.

The actor left his room wearing a sports suit, tennis shoes, and a black cap, with face masks and walking on his own foot, holding hands by two nurses. So he walked down a corridor where staff from the Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami were, who applauded happily that after overcoming difficult moments, he finally recovered and was able to go home.

Mauri stated: “This experience made me realize what is really important” were the actor’s words when he left the hospital, after 8 months fighting for his life, after catching the coronavirus. On at least two occasions the doctors informed his wife, Carla Alemán, that there was nothing to do, but she was miraculously recovering.

The last option for Toño Mauri to recover was the transplantation of both lungs, a procedure that was carried out on December 15, resulting so far a success.


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