Tony Soprano’s boat for sale.

An iconic boat from The Sopranos is up for sale in Stamford.

If you love sea air, you’re obsessed Soprano and you are thinking about your next investment, you may find this news very interesting and curious. The most famous boat Tony Soprano in the iconic HBO series, which aired from 1999 to 2007, is for sale in Stamford, Connecticut for a remarkable $299,900. The ship known as Stugoths (translated by our local Stoc***o), came into his own in the first, memorable episode, when the Italian-American mobster played by the late James Gandolfini he spent a night of passion there with his Russian mistress Irina.

Boat “The Sopranos” for sale: many curious and few interested

Broker Paul Ouimette, who is handling the sale, said. People that the boat, a 1999 Cape Fear 47 Custom Sportfishing Yacht purchased seven years ago by the current owner, was attracting a lot of attention, although there was no rush to sell it at the moment. “A lot of people just want to come and look, but they’re not potential buyers,” laments Ouimette. “We’re trying to avoid all that and get a legitimate buyer seriously interested in the boat.”

Stugots, also seen in other parts of the series before being replaced by a new model, changed its name at the behest of the current owner and is now known as Never Enough. “I think the show had a lot of fans,” Ouimette added. “I think there are a lot of people who would like to own this boat, knowing that this boat was on display, it was Tony Soprano’s boat.”

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