Tony Succar after the cancellation of the Grammy Awards: “It is very important to prioritize health”

Tony Succar spoke about the cancellation of the 2022 Grammys and his projects this year.
Tony Succar spoke about the cancellation of the 2022 Grammys and his projects this year.

Last Wednesday, the 64th Grammy Awards gala scheduled for January 31 in the United States was suspended due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 due to the expansion of the omicron variant.

In a joint statement between the Recording Academy and the CBS channel, they explained the reason for the cancellation of the event, arguing that they adopted that decision after considering it. “carefully” and analyze it with those responsible for health.

“The health and safety of those in our music community, the live audience, and the hundreds of people who work tirelessly to produce our show remains our top priority.”, they reported in a statement.

“Given the uncertainty surrounding the omicron variant, holding the gala on January 31 simply involves too many risks”they added.

After knowing this news, Infobae Peru contacted Tony Succar, who was nominated for the 2022 Grammys.

And it is that for the Peruvian producer, the decision of the organizers to cancel the award ceremony of the international musical event has been the correct one because health must be prioritized.

“I see the suspension a bit sad because we were excited to attend as nominees. We had the hotel and the tickets for the events; Everything was coordinated, but this news falls to us like a bucket of cold water. At the same time, it is very important to prioritize health. Canceling an event of that magnitude is not easy. I have a lot of friends infected with the omicron variant, so it’s best to be safe. Even, I was nervous to attend because everyone is catching it. My wife told me: ‘Tony, you have to be very careful.’ She, at some point, is going to give birth and that moment, personally, I see it as very relevant “, He said.

Nevertheless, Tony Succar He gave details about how he spent the end of the year and the care he has been taking with his wife, shortly after giving birth to their first-born.

“The omicron is crazy, the priority will always be health. I received the New Year at home without doing anything because I don’t want to catch it. My wife and I are being responsible and we don’t hang out much. Only to the store to buy groceries and nothing else. We don’t even see the family and we are like when the pandemic just started. Since she is going to have the baby at any moment, we are being very careful. It is sad because many friends and family want to see us and get together, but these days I must be sure to take care of her shortly after giving birth. In the studio I continue to make music and all the projects for 2022, preparing for the concerts “, he indicated.

The Peruvian composer achieved his first nomination at the 2022 Grammy Awards (Photo: Instagram)
The Peruvian composer achieved his first nomination at the 2022 Grammy Awards (Photo: Instagram)


Tony Succar He has won two Latin Grammys in 2019 and has now made history by being nominated for the main event of the awards with his album “Live in Peru”, in the category of Best Tropical Latin Album.

For the Peruvian producer and exjury of The Senior Voice Being nominated for the Grammys and having the success that you have been achieving is not easy: it involves sacrificing hours and making disruptions with the simple fact of doing high quality work that leads to achieving important things in your musical career

“This race is not easy, you have to work hard to achieve an exceptional job. Sometimes there are situations where the people who work for you do not understand, they prefer to leave things like that just to solve, they do not believe that they can reach a certain level and they do not believe in themselves. That’s when I arrived and I said: ‘yes, it is important’. You have to do things with perfection and reach excellence, not seeking to win awards, but simply to say this is how things should be done. Instead of sleeping or eating, I dedicate myself to more hours and times in making things perfect, I sacrifice my health so that things happen in this way like the Grammys. People are not going to vote for you because you are good people. You have to show excellence and a level of quality to be able to compete. Also, knowing how to innovate and when to risk to do things differently “, he counted.

With all those scrolls in your palm, Tony Succar He expressed how he felt to be nominated again for the Grammys.

“I almost fell on my back when they mentioned my album” Live in Peru “in the category of Best Tropical Latin Album of Grammy and as I did not expect, imagine, it was a historic moment”, confessed.

However, despite the magnitude of this musical event, Tony Succar He said this should not be the end of making music.

“The Grammys are nice, but it shouldn’t be the motivation for which one does things, but to do them from the heart and music is for the world. The Recording Academy highlights good works and motivates us to do things well, with excellence and quality “, he stated.


With his charisma and talent, Tony Succar He has earned the respect and affection of all Peruvians, something that has motivated him to continue focused on his projects for this 2022.

“I’m going to focus on being a good dad and taking my dad’s example. Live happily and continue with the inspiration of God. I’m building a new studio for those projects and I’m working on my mother’s and India’s album. So, as a producer I am very busy, what I don’t have is time “, he sentenced.


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