too many gamers? Megan Fox can comfort you


Diablo 4 has been in stores and stores for a very short time. In just 5 days after the opening of early access (June 1), we have already managed to accumulate so many hours of play that we are in a hurry to count them in years (over 10,000 to be exact. As much as human civilization, so to speak). There are already those who have managed to achieve excellent results and reach level 100 on hard mode – thus winning an award provided by Blizzard – but these are isolated cases. For those who continue to watch the game on screen, the prize is… Megan Fox.

The actress is the main character in the video below. To sum up: within the next few hours (until June 8th), if you share videos of your deaths on Twitter and TikTok with a hashtag. #DiabloDeathyou can be selected not only for an exchange, but also for a specific message from Fox.

Released on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, Diablo 4 has already become Blizzard Entertainment’s most successful video game in terms of running hours. That it could achieve this level of success was intuitive even before release, but then, with the gates of hell wide open, it became clear that the servers couldn’t keep up despite stress tests conducted during the beta testing phase.


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