“Too many people on the grid during the GP”

Security and people entering the circuit during the Formula 1 Grand Prix were discussed during the FIA ​​World Council, Recent cases of track invasion have ranged from allowing too many people, often VIPs, on the grid before the race.

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In particular, the Federation has detected some security problems., The case in question is this year’s Australian Grand Prix, when fans invaded the track while the cars were still pitted. Let’s not forget two other events that happened in recent months, since last year’s British Grand Prix (When the track was invaded by an environmentalist group during the first lap, Zhou’s crash was “faulted” by a red flag after the accident.) For Formula E, when, in the second race of the Berlin E-Prix, again an environmental collective invaded the starting grid moments from the start. In addition to these attacks, there has also been a recent case at the Spanish GP, That’s when some VIPs, including Brazilian footballer Neymar, stayed on the side of the track with various team members while the cars went by for a viewing lap.

A complicated situation, which led to the intervention of the FIA. The World Council is awaiting a report from the promoters of the Australian GP (Australian Grand Prix Corporation), which has been requested by the Federation from the commissioners. It is to be delivered by the end of June, and will include a plan to address these issues. In relation to what happened during the Spanish GP, FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem reiterated that the safety and health of anyone on the starting grid is the federation’s priority.

“We have to learn from what happened during the Spanish GP – Ben Sulayem said – The FIA ​​has been assured by Formula 1 CEO Stefano Dominici that the necessary precautions have been taken to prevent this incident from happening again in the future.”,

“This is a problem that affects not only Formula 1, but also Formula E and many other categories. In my recent experience, there have been cases of a lot of people on the grid at many events. I have no There is no doubt that promoters will comply with FIA safety requirements in all these cases. As a federation it is our duty to ensure a safe environment for all; safety is our top priority in motorsport.”,

So one has to wonder what measures will be taken from the point of view of unauthorized attacks and unauthorized persons on the starting grid. If from the first point of view there has been a decline in episodes in recent years (not least because now Barrichello is unlikely to win a GP), On the other hand, there has been a huge increase in the number of VIPs using the Grand Prix for fashion shows., During the 2021 United States GP pre-race, bodyguards of rapper Megan Thee Stallion (invited by Red Bull) roughed up former driver and Sky Sport F1 UK correspondent Martin Brundle, and the so-called “Brundle Clause” has since been introduced. It limits bodyguards’ access to the track, and it is declared that, although VIPs are not required to answer to reporters, they must still be “compassionate”. Now we expect the introduction of the “Neymar Clause”, However, as expected waiting for the circus that will be the starting grid for the Las Vegas GP. It is also expected that in the meantime Those who have the good fortune of being able to pass through the starting grid of a Formula 1 race also learn to behave appropriately.

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