Top 10 Scarlett Johansson Movies


ghost world

Terry Zwigoff


In the same year that his “matriculation exam” enters theaters (The Man Who Wasn’t There the Coen Brothers, in which Birdie is an aspiring and charming pianist who would like to be manipulated by Billy Bob Thornton’s spineless man), perhaps most notable is this bizarre generational comedy that highlights talent comedian our. 17 year old Scarlett surrounded by ex it’s a girl Torah”american beautyBirch is the perfect high school nerd trying to make it big. Make friends with others outcasts, played by the fabulous Steve Buscemi. From the iconic graphic novel by Daniel Close, a very underrated first work at the time. Johansson will return to unleash his brilliant talent in subsequent films such as Scoop AND Don Johnbut this youthful frivolity cannot be fought.


avengers saga

Joss Whedon, Anthony and Joe Russo


And to think that Emily Blunt should have been in her place. Luckily, the English counterpart lost out, allowing Johansson to take on the role of the only woman admitted to the “made by Marvel” Avengers circuit (in fact, her official entry is in iron Man 2). To steal the stage from everyone. From skirmishes with the Hulk/Mark Ruffalo to friendship with Hawkeye/Jeremy Renner, all the way to an epic exit from the stage in the closing chapter Avengersthis means The finalours has established herself as the most authentic action heroine of the 2000s See also solo film Black Widow, not sensational, but still worthy of the character and images created over the years. A small detail: primarily thanks to a key role in the MCU, Scarlett became the highest paid diva in Hollywood with a current fortune of $165 million. introductory part.


Horse Whisperer

Robert Redford


After six films at a very young age, Robert Redford assigned her a role that brought her to the attention of America’s geeks. And in the cinema of Series A. The heartbreaking novel by Nicholas Evans becomes no less honeyed film. In which Scarlett is only 14 years old, she is a young equestrian who, after an accident from which she comes out with an amputated leg, must learn to live again. That will be taken care of by a legend like Redford, who is pretty much countered by the “little girl” every time they happen to be on the same screen (i.e. pretty much always). Too much rhetoric? Yes, but ours proves that he can stay “inside” emotions, never turning feelings into molasses. As with many later glossy dramas, Girl with a pearl earring To Another woman of the king.


Under the skin

Jonathan Glazer


Very misunderstood, very booed (at the Venice Film Festival), but then became a cult cinephile: so much so that the BBC would rank it 61st on their list of the best films of the 21st century. Jonathan Glazer loosely adapts the novel Under the skin Michel Faber and makes it a kind of work of video art, in which the body of the “alien” Scarlett becomes a mystery, inspiration, provocation. Almost nothing is explained, only the proposals and work of the actress remain, who immediately after the success of the first Avengersbravely decides to take risks, in one move “a la Nicole Kidman” (who, in fact, nearly a decade earlier had been the main protagonist of the equally discussed Birth – I’m Sean, also Glaser). From the “birth” of the intro to the mysterious ending, Scarlett is enjoying herself like never before. The artist is present.


jojo rabbit

Taika Waititi


Life is wonderful, especially if Scarlett Johansson turns out to be Roberto Benigni. The pseudonym of a brave mother in Austria, captured by the Nazis, a child who hides a Jewish girl in her house. Comedy tones (finally directed by Taika Waititi) for a tale that is actually very black, all the way to the dramatic ending starring Johansson himself. The result is a film that seems to bring together all the souls of the actress: the most dramatic, funniest register and her stellar component, which gives the film an undeniable look. cool. Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, the same year she was (finally!) recognized by the Academy even with a double nomination. But for this leading actress need to wait for some position…


She her

Spike Jonze


Among the misunderstood roles, it would be impossible not to note the seemingly “only” vocal in Spike Jonze’s prophetic film. In the not-too-distant future, Scarlett is Samantha, the operating system (artificial intelligence?) that a shy employee will fall in love with – but in a perfect palette – giving Joaquin Phoenix a face. Johansson is not just a dubber, but a well-rounded actress who, with her voice alone, is able to give her character an incredible and bodily presence. The academy at the time missed a golden opportunity to award one of its boldest nominations. Strictly to be (re-)seen in the original, even if our Micaela Ramazzotti has done a very good job of maintaining the (unattainable anyway) power of the original.


Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Woody Allen


After two films together (the aforementioned Scoop and… well, you’ll have to wait a few more positions for the other), Woody Allen remembers his muse of the early 2000s and offers her one of his sexiest and at the same time innocent, human, complex roles. obscure moviearidache), which is actually a hymn to women and their freedom, in terms of sex, love, existential choice, everything. Along with Johansson’s Christina, Rebecca Hall’s Vicky and Penélope Cruz’s Maria Elena are involved in a game in which whoever holds the match turns out to be a man in the crisis of the years and to come (and it doesn’t matter, in fact it’s even more impressive that it is interpreted by the courageous Javier Bardem). “I don’t see the point in labeling everything. I am me!” says Scarlett/Christina. And never has self-determination been more precise.


History of one marriage

Noah Baumbach


Here it is, the second nomination. This time as the main character, but in the same year in which he received from support For jojo rabbit. Noah Baumbach’s poignant marriage scenes (and his inevitable “judicial” end in the presence of divorce lawyers Laura Dern and Ray Liotta) wouldn’t be the same without Adam Driver, by now the fetish of the New York filmmaker and, above all, Johansson. , who in one of his most “total” performances, between ballets, tears, scenes a la Kramer vs. Kramer. A comprehensive portrait emerges of the modern woman who claims her place but still believes in the family. At the “maturity” stage, Baumbach is perhaps the author who has understood Johansson more and better than anyone else. Huge.


Lost in translation – love in translation

Sofia Coppola


Pink wig. Boredom with a view (from the high hotels of Tokyo). coming of age with electro pop Alone in Kyoto by plane. And, of course, a very tender relationship of (im)possible love with Bill Murray, a faded actor she met in the East, who will teach her about life in his own way. Sofia Coppola, who has just completed a brilliant debut work Garden of the Virgin Suicides, signs what is probably his most successful film to date. And he finds in Scarlett a perfect alter ego, very lost and at the same time very vital for this education in feelings, but above all in life. We’re still asking ourselves the age-old question today, exactly twenty years later: what is Bob/Bill Murray whispering to Charlotte/Scarlett Johansson in the harrowing final scene? Maybe just a star was born.


Match Points

Woody Allen


Eros and pathos. Seduction and irony. Control over the game (and over fate) and the inability not to be overwhelmed by events. From life. Among the many great authors who will use the image of Scarlett Johansson as femme fatale and booty, an Old Hollywood diva and a very modern figure (remember, among others, Brian De Palma in black dahliaChristopher Nolan in PrestigeMore Coens in Hello Caesar!This year Wes Anderson’s asteroid city), “her” Woody Allen is the one who most of all was able to enhance all the features of the actress. Derivation of the absolute interpretation. And just think that here, too, Scarlett was born as a substitute: Kate Winslet was called in her place, who would later “recover” with the New York director in wonder wheel. It’s exactly the same: from the ping-pong scene to the scorching scene in the fields in the rain, there’s only one Nola Rice. And her name is Scarlett. Forever.

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