Top 10 South Park Episodes That Make Fun Of Celebrities

South Park He has been giving his views on news and current affairs for the last 25 years. long-running animated series by terry parker And matt stone He manages to speak his mind on these matters with utmost precision and effective solutions. approach of showrunner This caused a lot of controversy, but its influence cannot be denied, especially when it comes to portraying the various stars. But what are the top 10 South Park episodes that make fun of celebrities? Let’s find out below.

South Park

Some depictions are even and balanced, while others are downright weird in the way actors, musicians, and political figures are portrayed. Nonetheless, they often go the extra mile to help produce some of the show’s best episodes and remind people why South Park is one of TV’s highest-rated adult animated series.

1. The Worldwide Privacy Tour – One of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Best Episodes South Park making fun of celebrities

South Park
Season 26, Episode 2

South Park Canada has always been used as a base camp for mocking the British royal family, but Worldwide Privacy Tour This is probably the biggest and most successful joke ever on the monarchy. The characters in this episode are independently inspired ruler and to duchess of sussexI am canadian prince and princess, two rulers are in Travel to promote the book he wrote and finally find himself South Park,

the two cross the street from where he lives Kelly, declaring and reiterating that the thing they desire most is privacy, even if their activities attract a great deal of attention to them. Ultimately, Kelly assures Prince that he and his wife are just trying to control their image brand Instead of living a truly independent life. This is definitely an episode that deserves to be featured prominently among all 10 best episodes Of South Park He they take In Travel famous person,

2. The biggest donkey in the world – Bono

Season 11, Episode 9

After being constipated for several weeks, beggar The largest turmeric production in the world ends. Although his record has apparently been broken by an unusual rival: the rock star Goodsinger of u 2 and songwriter spider-man: turn off the dark, beggar While determined to win the record Good He stubbornly refuses to be “number two” in any of his pursuits.

it all comes to an end when Stan he finds out Good did not break records; That’s the record. It’s an episode full of bad jokes that ties it all together while making fun of one of the most prominent and famous musicians in the world.

3. Monster Barbra Streisand – One of the best Barbra Streisand episodes South Park making fun of celebrities

during a school trip, car driver And Kelly They found an ancient triangular stone. unfortunately this news gets everyone’s attention broadway and film superstar Barbra Streisand, It turns out that the diamond is the last piece he needs to transform into a giant robot and take over the world.

The only thing able to stop him are the combined forces Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier And robert smith, Needless to say, the real Streisand was not at all pleased with the representation created by the South Park team. Nevertheless, it is one of the most memorable installments of the series and deserves a place in the ranking. 10 best episodes Of South Park He they take In Travel famous person,

4. Stupid Whore Video Set – Paris Hilton

Season 8, Episode 12

Paris Hilton comes on South Park And everyone is excited about it. Unfortunately all the girls at school want to emulate her, much to her dismay Wendy, after the dog paris He takes his own life to escape the authoritarian behavior of the star, she picks and chooses butter as his next pet.

Whereas butter She is horrified at the idea of ​​being treated like a pet, especially given that she is forced to wear a teddy bear costume, her parents happy with the financial gain it brings. eventually paris ends up facing a challenge against K’s boyfriend mr garrison, mr slaveWhich ends with a very disgusting show.

5. Trapped in the Closet – One of Tom Cruise’s Best Episodes South Park making fun of celebrities

Season 9, Episode 12

Stan Tested at a center in scientology and the results vary so much Scientologists They believe it to be a direct reincarnation of their founder Ale. Ron Hubbard, Soon it creates such a sensation that it attracts attention Tom Cruisestar of Impossible Goal And top guns,

after hearing this Stan I don’t like how it plays Tom gets locked in the closet Stan and refuses to come out. everyone is involved Nicole Kidman And john travoltakeep trying to get out of the closet cruise But he still stubbornly refuses.

6. Trombino and the Pompadour’s New Movie Trailer – One of Russell Crowe’s Best Episodes Ever South Park making fun of celebrities

South Park

latest movie trailer by trumpet and pompadour It is scheduled to air on TV the same night and the kids can’t wait to watch it. But first they have to find a working TV somewhere in town to watch during commercial breaks of a show fighting around the world Russell Crowe,

included in the show crow and his sensitive tugboat crooked Who wanders around the world punching random people. a difference between Arm wrestling And steve irwin, crow He even goes so far as to beat up the editor of his show and starts playing some really awful music which annoys the poor guy. crooked to self-harm.

7. The Jeffersons – Michael Jackson

guys meet a new coworker named blanketwho introduces them to their father, Michael Jefferson, Whereas car driver love mr childhood lifestyle jefferson, Stan And Kelly I’m a little suspicious of him because of his neglect as a parent and his eccentric behavior.

As the episode progresses, it becomes clear that Mr. jefferson He is shy of other adults, reluctant to grow up and extremely addicted to plastic surgery. It’s no wonder the character is a parody of the late lyricist Michael Jackson, It’s such obvious satire that the only attempt to differentiate them is to give the character a different name and a fake moustache. definitely one of the most memorable gods 10 best episodes Of South Park He they take In Travel famous person,

8. A Titanic Enterprise – Honey Boo Boo & James Cameron

while it is related to car driver who manages to get a mobility scooter, Kelly Look here comes honey boo boo for the first time. program literally terrified him, especially when it was in honey boo boo He pretends to have a heart attack. When car driver he finds out token has created a program similar to its Nearby Challenge honey boo boo to fight on the lawn of white House.

Meanwhile, dear director James Cameron embark on an expedition to the bottom of the ocean to raise the bar and combat the bad taste they see. When he accomplishes this, the people watching the fight begin to realize how low their entertainment standards really are.

9. The Passion Of The Jew – Mel Gibson

Season 8, Episode 3

passion of christ went to a movie theater nearby South Park, Whereas car driver sees this as an opportunity to raise an anti-Semitic army, Kelly He is horrified by its violent content, which makes him feel guilty about being Jewish. in the meantime Stan And kenny, People who really hate the movie decided to demand their money back. To get them, they go to the film director’s house, Mel Gibson,

Gibson depicted as a character alla Daffy Duck Freak who likes torturing himself and refuses to give money back to the boys. He ends up following them in a van in style mad Maxmade like the hero of Brave and eventually destroyed the cinema where they were broadcasting passion of christ,

10. Fish Rods – Kanye West

A Day all key Jokes about fish sticks, to entertain Di car driver, Soon the joke became so popular that it spread across the country and everyone started laughing. everyone except the rapper Kanye West One who does not understand its meaning and does not allow anyone to explain its meaning because of his ego.

Soon his inability to crack a simple joke gets so bad that he starts killing people and kidnapping and threatening people’s lives. car driver And all key, Eventually he begins to understand the essence of the joke, which he uses as a means to rediscover his identity and his love for fish. episode ends West who dives into the ocean to return home to the fish of which he has convinced himself to be a part. Definitely another episode that deserves to be in the top 10. South Park Making fun of celebrities.

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