Top 10 Summer Movies to Watch Over the Holidays

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The hottest time of the year has arrived. In fact, summer is the season that people wait for with the most enthusiasm: thoughts subside, moments of gathering and bonding abound, mad love blossoms and unforgettable experiences are lived, perhaps a breathtaking sunset at the beach. While having fun From this time of joy and light-heartedness, cinema has drawn a vein, that is summer movies – or even summer movies – which are often related to the comedy genre. These are the movies that are popular romance factorThe holidays with friends or one coming of age story, there is always an evocative oceanic setting in the background with the enchanting ocean. but which ones are the best summer movies Want to watch at this time? There are some must-sees here.

10the last Song

the last Song

In her heyday, Miley Cyrus—known primarily for her role as a singer leading a double life in Hannah Montana—participated in the last Songfilm adaptation of the novel of the same name Nicholas Sparks, who also wrote the screenplay. Directed by Julie Anne Robinson, the story revolves around young Ronnie, who is forced by his father to spend the summer in a small town in North Carolina. Although initially reluctant to get to know the locals – and also very grumpy with her parents – a meeting with Will, played by Liam Hemsworth, changes the perspective in which she is experiencing the summer. Letting go of those nascent feelings, the girl will spend an unforgettable time, in which she will finally be able to reunite with her father, who finally learns that he is terminally ill. the last Song falls within the range of typical summer movies In which love and carefree youth reign, despite the fact that achieving happiness first of all involves overcoming difficult obstacles. Cyrus herself helped compose the soundtrack, even wrote the songs when I look at you And hope you get it They are very famous even today. the movie is on now Available on Disney+,

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