Top Gun Maverick, part of cast reunited for SAG-AFTRA cast strike

World Hollywood in recent months he has been going through a very difficult period on the via dei tumulti, born after the writers’ strike that gave life to a script not seen since the 60s. This has made it impossible to continue production on many films and many series, and has also jeopardized cinematic releases scheduled for the next few months, as actors who have joined the SAG-AFTRA strike cannot attend premieres and promotions. the events of the films in which they took part, as well as the actors of the television series. Among the actors who have joined we have many Hollywood stars such as Meryl Streep, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Lawrence and many more, as well as the main characters of the television series, in fact in recent weeks we have seen part of the cast boys and from Shameless be present with pickets in hand, as well as with actors exultation who also honored the memory of Naya Rivera with a sign, and on the day the strike began, the cast Oppenheimer he was present only on the red carpet of the London premiere, and then did not appear in the hall. Now even some of the actors Top Shooter Maverick gathered to go on strike.

Top Shooter Maverick: Some of the film’s young actors gathered for a demonstration during the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike.

To show the presence of part of the cast Top Shooter Maverick during the strike she was an actress Monica Barbarawho played Natasha “Phoenix” Trace in the film. In a post posted to Instagram, Barbaro shared several photos of herself with the other cast members of the film. Top Shooter Maverickamong which Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Danny Ramirez AND Greg Tarzan Davis. Their respective pilot names in the sequel The best guns they are: Jake “The Executioner” Seresin, Robert “Bob” Floyd, Mickey “Fanboy” Garcia and Javi “Coyote” Machado. In one of the photos in the post, you can also see a sign with the inscription “Don’t scan me bro!“, which is a clear reference to one of the reasons why Hollywood actors have been on strike for over a month and a half: “Don’t scan me, brother!” regarding the use of artificial intelligence.

Strike delays film releases

Due to the SAG-AFTRA cast strike starting in mid-July, many films have been rescheduled, including Dunes – Part 2, Poor creatures! and many others. In addition, many other films and series have ceased production, such as Deadpool 3. However, despite this, some productions continue their activities, and among them we find productions of the spin-off of the television series the walking Deadsince AMC Networks and SAG-AFTRA reached an agreement and films Paddingon in Peru AND Sonic 3due to the fact that it was decided to continue shooting in computer graphics, to which roles will then be added, where there will be actors under the contract.

The reasons for these strikes are related to the intellectual property of the writers, while the actors demand, in addition to better workplace safety, also the payment of income received from the remnants of the broadcast, especially on streaming platforms. , the products in which they have been involved, and are fighting to ensure that artificial intelligence is used appropriately, and not completely replacing their role with scanning their faces. These concerns were at the heart of the reasons that prompted actors belonging to the SAG-AFTRA union, led by Fran Drescher, to take to the streets to demonstrate in front of the headquarters of major film companies.

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