TOP | NBA 2K24: Five basketball video games to enjoy ahead of launch

September 8th is the launch NBA 2K24, the new installment of the most beloved basketball legend in the video game industry.The novelty is that cross-play between game console 5 and Xbox series The incorporation of ProPLAY technology in these platforms promises to bring huge innovations in animation and motion.

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Released on September 8, NBA 2K24 is the new entry in the video game industry’s most beloved basketball legend. Its novelty is that it highlights the possibility of cross-play between PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series, as well as the integration of ProPLAY technology on said platform, which promises to bring great innovations in animation and movement. For this reason, we decided to bring you 5 basketball games before the release of “NBA 2K24” for everyone to enjoy.

A characteristic of most traditional sports-based video games is that they are annual installments without much competition. This is the case due to their high production costs, the need for an official license, and the fact that these sagas already have communities that are loyal to their products. For this reason, we decided to bring 5 basketball games for everyone to enjoy before going online. NBA 2K24.

franchise developer electronic arts He knows how to compete on an equal footing with legends NBA 2K Until 2019, its continuation was canceled.However, this is due to his commitment to entering the mobile world, a successful proposition that applies to both android as iOS system.

The game is free and officially licensed NBA And it’s updated almost constantly. There are all kinds of impromptu events, and the biggest motivator is the possibility to form your dream team from places all over the world. NBA.especially NBA 2K It also has a mobile version, so we can choose our favorite.

Lakers vs. Celtics and NBA Playoffs for PC and Sega Genesis.

One cannot talk about basketball video games without mentioning this index, which came out in 1989. personal computer and in 1991 Sega Genesis.This is the first officially licensed game NBA In addition to having real teams and players, it was also the first to attempt to recreate the experience faithful to the sport through cameras, speakers and even halftime shows.

This game is a great suggestion to play with friends today and relive the old days. Michael Jordan, magic johnson and larry bird They’re all some of the basketball legends we can draw on, and even have some of the most distinctive moves.

Little Toon Adventures: ACME All-Stars from Konami.

into fantasy Xiao Lemei in 1994 for Sega Genesis. While it’s not specifically a basketball game, as it includes other sports, it’s a really fun proposition to play with friends.

In this issue, we form our ideal team with iconic characters little cartoon. Each of them has its own special ability that will allow us to knock down enemies or make powerful throws. Additionally, each scene has elements that affect gameplay.

Street basketball, arcade game.

Anyone who visited an arcade in the 90’s will surely remember this game that proposed street basketball games in teams of three. There are special moves and different scenarios that make the experience really fun and dynamic.

Players have to choose from ten players available and then compete in a great tournament to become the best team in the world. no doubt, Street basketball This is a true classic in the game of basketball, and if you’ve never played it, it’s always a good chance.

A podium finish must admit that this is one of the most iconic races in the sport. nba jam It came out in 1993 and was a huge success both in arcades and in subsequent releases for different home consoles, such as super nintendo and Sega Genesis. The game was so popular at the time that several new versions were released over the years.

The game consists of 2v2 games with no rules and crazy things happen like sky jumps and unbelievable ball throws. Although they are not all players, nba jam It has several official licenses and thus has real players with their own stats. This index marked a generation of history and became one of the most popular basketball games.

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