Top walnut. Archaeological park, original music meets history

The original music of the Campana Philharmonic Orchestra meets history.

This will take place on Sunday, August 27, starting at 20.30, in the picturesque landscapes of the City Archaeological Park, next to one of the excavations of the ancient Nuceria Alfaterna, present in the city.

Orchestra soloists Marta Pignataro (violin and voice), Sabato Morretta (clarinet), Giuseppe Cerullo (piano) will perform under the direction of Maestro Giulio Marazia.

The evening will be hosted by Anna Sabbatino.

The program includes musical repertoire from Gounod, Kreisler, Monty, Elgar and Verdi to Piazzola, Morricone and the contemporary Ed Sheeran.

Sponsored by UNPLI and Pro Loco Urbs Nuceria, the event is part of the Nuceria Estate program promoted by the Kuofano administration with the support of the Chamber of Commerce.

“This is an event that appeals to the tastes of many people who love classical music and modern repertoire interpreted by professional musicians,” emphasizes Mayor Giovanni Maria Cuofano, “but it is also an evening that will diversify the summer program by expanding the audience of spectators. “.

This is not the first time for the Archaeological Park: already last year, again in the summer, the former photo gallery hosted intense international opera performances with tenor Carlo Ruggiero, accompanied on the piano by Claudio Coppola.

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