Total madness: he got a giant tattoo with the face of Christian Martin

The sports journalist Christian martin, correspondent of ESPN based in Europe and one of the most beloved on social networks, he surprised by sharing a video in which he sees how a follower of his became a tremendous tattoo with his face on his leg.

“This is sent to me by Hernn Kleiman from Buenos Aires. He doesn’t use Twitter and he’s an old school metalhead. I thought it was fake, but I think I was wrong … I don’t know what to say, this one is crazier than me. Skol berserkr!” the notero.

In the background of the video where you can see the shocking tattoo, Kleiman is heard saying: “Dear Christian, so you can see that it is me. Big hug”

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Martin immediately got a lot of likes and comments from his post. Be the first of many?

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