Total scandal: the brutal fight of Cristiano and Cuadrado in Juventus

Many times we have wondered how it is that Cristiano Ronaldo spent fifteen years at the highest football level in Europe. And the reality is that the demand with which he lives Ronaldo It is only for a few, because many times it ends up being intolerable and dangerous for a locker room, like this that happened in the Juventus.

In the last hours a video exploded of the dressing room of the Juventus during the cycle Andrea Pirlo and after a first half of a Champions League match. Ronaldo I entered the locker room shouting and criticizing the team’s performance. The video is from the documentary “All or Nothing: Juventus”.

We don’t play anything, we’re shit, we play like shit “, shoot Ronaldo entering the locker room and not caring who is present. Square I can’t stand it, he approached the Portuguese and was blunt: “You have to set the example. You have to be the example.”

Ronaldo, who was out of control, answered face to face: “Me too, I include myself, me too. We are not playing anything, we are shit, we must tell the truth. It’s a Champions League game, you have to have personality “.

Ronaldo’s screams had one no less peculiarity: he made them in front of Pirlo, the coach. The former midfielder only managed to say: “Enough Cris, enough Juan.” The truth is that this video shows the level of demand that it imposes Ronaldo and also, why did he leave Juventus.

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