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Total War Warhammer PC Game Download Full Version

Do you remember the popular “romka”? Yes, it’s about a game by Creative Assembly that managed to conquer (and literally) the hearts of many players. Today, we want to present you its next installment. Before you Total War: Warhammer .

The plot of the game

In terms of plot, Total War: Warhammer differs significantly from other parts of the series. We are not dealing here with historical events. All gameplay is set in a fantasy world. Our role is to develop our faction (in the full version of the game there are as many as four), as well as to fight the forces of Darkness, who want to take control of the Old World.

Total War Warhammer PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

The game has an open form, which should not come as a surprise to fans of this series. We carry out missions commissioned to us from outside, and thus – we increase the chances of our faction in the final battle with a given opponent. By the way, if you want to find out what the cross between the popular “romki” and the fantasy game looks like, all you have to do is get Total War Warhammer Download .

Game mechanics

In terms of game mechanics, Total War: Warhammer is similar to other games in the series. In the game, as in its previous versions, we play in a turn-based system. On the one hand, we manage our country, and on the other – we try to win individual battles, having at our disposal better and better armed troops. Proceed to the next part of the Total War Warhammer II game .

Speaking of battles, how is fighting them? If you’ve ever played Total War games , not much has changed in that respect. Insofar as, of course, we are talking about a human race. In the case of other races (such as the goblins or the undead), the situation becomes much more complicated. For example, in the goblin army, economic and technological development is of little importance. In turn, the fighting spirit and charisma of individual leaders play a huge role here. The greater it is, the greater the chances of winning.

Agents still play a huge role in the game. At first glance, their influence on events is relatively small, but in fact, they can very “confuse” both politically and militarily. Would you like to spy on behalf of the prince of vampires? If so, be sure to get Total War Warhammer Download . If not, then… download this game as well. It has a lot of features that will satisfy even the most experienced players …

Graphic design

Total War: Warhammer is – as in the case of previous games in the series – an extremely strong graphic design. Interestingly, it significantly exceeds the graphics that we deal with, for example, in Rome 2. The most interesting side of the game, the battles, are much better refined in this respect. This is facilitated by the introduction of very diverse military units and interesting machines. The excellent quality of the graphics is also influenced by fantastic characters who can destroy entire ranks of enemies on their own.

Technical aspect…

Like some games from the Total War series, also in the case of Warhammer we are dealing with an advanced graphics engine, Warscape. Thanks to it, the graphics of the game are much more attractive and – interestingly – it is possible to play the battle with more soldiers. Let us remind you that in the previous games of the series, it was possible to play the game with up to 10,000 soldiers. So if you want to see what epic battles with tens of thousands of soldiers look like in the Total War series, be sure to download Total War: Warhammer on your computers.

Total War Warhammer PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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