Tottenham ask for a special licence

The Tottenham is asking theHaringey Council a special license to hold a Beyoncé concert. This is despite the fact that all tickets have already been sold for the singer’s special event, which recently landed her 32nd Grammy. Spurs’ £1bn stadium is only licensed for six music concerts a year.

The Beyoncé concert

For 2023, according to the Telegraph, however, another one would have been added, namely the one concerning the Beyoncé event. Event for which tickets have already been sold, while premium packages cost over 350 pounds. According to the information provided, the Spurs they are allowed to hold 16 non-football events at the stadium of the club (coached by Conte) per year, of which only six involve musical concerts. The news of Beyoncé’s event addition may therefore not have been welcomed by the members of the Haringey Council. And that’s why a meeting would be scheduled to get an additional license.

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