Tottenham’s Korean Spiderman Son also enters cinemas

there is also Son In “Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse”, in front of Tottenham appears in film that enriches Story is associated with the famous hero of Miracle,

The film was released a few weeks back in May Italy And is enjoying stupendous success at the box office. The film also brought a smile to the fans of the English club and the South Korean footballer.

I am Spiderman version: when it appears in the movie

son “enters the scene” where in the scene mile moralesSpiderman from the animated film visits the room he shares with his Korean-American friend ganke Took, behind him, while playing video games, a the posters by Heung-min Son with Tottenham shirt,

Son, love for Tottenham and Spiderman (complete with enthusiasm)

The son saw the dream come true. He has never hidden his passion for Spiderman and more than once he has amused his targets by imitating gesture Did launch From Spider’s web, son is also a very good friend Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spidey in “real life”. when it comes out in 2021 “Spiderman No Way Home”Son and Holland were featured in an interview on the official Tottenham Hotspur channel quizzing each other about football and Spiderman.

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