Toulouse. Babylon Circus Bikini in may


Toulouse. Babylon Circus Bikini in may, cdr
Toulouse. Babylon Circus Bikini in may

Babylon Circus comes to his last opus State Of Emergency Bikini of Toulouse on 16. may. This album is forget full of guest stars such as Ben l’oncle Soul, Sylvain Duthu Boulevard-tunes, without, Barry Moore, Adil Smaali of the group, Aywa, or the Jamaicans Cedric Myton.

Silver wedding for the Babylon Circus and his audience, in a couple of weeks its quarter-century existence, and thus presence on the stage to celebrate. Since this strain play originally from Lyon, too, has always been a catalyst, the best way to learn, and desire to spend festive, something more powerful, a great freedom of action, which is sometimes a bit chaotic, one direction, the more poetic.

The cohesion can not learn that with the patina of time, 25 years is a good age to adulthood, or as it says the formula is dedicated to the of maturity. State Of Emergency, this sixth new album, and sums up the previous episodes of the brilliant way (ska-reggae, high-altitude flights in the Balkans, electro, rock, song,…) and synthesized.

Everyone listens what he likes, of The Mano Negra, NĂ©gresses Vertes about Shaka Ponk or Louise attack from the French side, but that would be too much gear. The Clash or Bob Marley, are also part of the game. Always with a strong identity of Babylon Circus, it is possible to take a unity in diversity.

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