Toulouse. Bikini : Metronomy, is for life


Metronomy is on the Bikini-Ramonville on may 12. Major event that the English group-boat with a 6. the album, “discover Forever”, like already on Friday. The troupe of Joseph Mount has to know, keep them there, what makes his fresh, to dance between her and melancholic and directory. Because it goes through all the States of the jubilation, the different in the course of the 17 pieces, all exciting, all. For pop jumps out there is “Whitsand Bay”, “Lately” or “Wedding Bells”, three beads, a combination of electric guitars, freedom, and Mat’s voice. For the rhythmic electronics, “the miracle Rooftop” and “Salted Caramel Ice Cream” are not going to stop, the latter, by a wink of the eye down the famous “Funky Town” disco of the 80s. But it is as if Joseph Mount tells of himself that he would not touch the more. In this sense, “Upset my girlfriend” (on the day that he quarreled with his girlfriend… before the issues in the marriage) is a ballad, imagine the beautiful, and the author, in the ideal parts “- at the corner of the fire”. No need to fireplace : this new album is faster, burning passion !

Album “ Forever “by Metronomy (Because, edition Friday the 13th. september). Concert Saturday, 12 October in a Bikini. Completely.