Toulouse. Lee Fields, mister soul in a Bikini


Two years after the fire on the stage in a Bikini, the legendary Lee Fields, accompanied by his excellent band The Expressions, back in Toulouse with a new album, “It rains love”, in which he was famous, his warm, deep voice, love, goodness, and God. At the age of 68, it was called “Little JB” for his physical resemblance and voice recognition with James Brown, and white, a late realization, but worldwide, especially with the pieces of the DJ Martin Solveig (“Jealousy” and “Everybody”) and the eternal return of the soul, to have sung, Otis, or Marvin, or, closer to us, Amy Winehouse or Adele. Today, Lee Fields, claims a life, the best years of his life.

“What I live, it’s just amazing”

“Sometimes in the studio with my producer Leon Michaels, and broke out in laughter for no reason, just because you realized the opportunity you had to live it : save of songs that people will sing with kill-head with me. The world is complex and life is not easy. So, do come at you, the people who don’t know, but this evening, change and dance together, it’s just unusual. It is my task, I think, to show them that the world is not so ugly that he has time to breathe, and the music, love and God are there, in every moment.” You must hear, “It rains love” : each note is simple, every word touches the heart, and these songs are timeless, Shine through their freshness, their vitality. “When did they invented the computer, capable of all kinds of sounds that people found it great… but I think that in a few years you realize that listening to a real guitar, a real drum sound and a singer, a real human being in front of you, it’s not ultimately that bad…”

Lee Fields and the Expressions in concert on Tuesday, 10 september, 20 hours in a Bikini (parc technologique du Canal), Ramonville-Saint-Agne. Prices of 24.50 € 27 €. Tel. 05 62 24 09 50.