Toulouse. The sights of the Bikini celebrates its 40 output : three artists in the concert, the places 6€


The sights of the Bikini in Toulouse, for a 40-issue. Here are the artists that occur in Ramonville-Saint-Agne, Haute-Garonne), Thursday, 17. October 2019.

The sights of the Bikini in Ramonville, Thursday, 17. October 2019.
The sights of the Bikini in Ramonville, Thursday, 17. October 2019, for a 40-issue. (©Louis Derigon)

Note for lovers of discoveries, the 40. edition of the Curiosities of the Bikini approaches ! The theatre hall based in Ramonville-Saint-Agne, Haute-Garonne) near Toulouse, is busy to do several times per year, discover Toulouse the musical talents of tomorrowand all this at a price that defies any competition (6 euro). The next edition of the attractions will take place on Thursday, 17. October 2019 on the program, three groups with a focus on pop/hip-hop : Vidéoclub, Nusky and Cars.

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The duo phenomenon lands for the first time in Toulouse ! Video club meets Matthew Reynaud, composer, singer, and Adele Castillon, actress, youtubeuse, and singer. You already have birth to several hits such as ” love of plastic “, “king” or ” In the night “


Nusky is a young man, who has always wanted to imagine things, create forms, and worlds. It is an artist, and nothing else. In a time in his youth, there was rock and blues. And then the drawing. Then the tour came in the cinema. And then, one day, suddenly and as a matter of course, it’s the rap that took everything. In the year 2019, he presents his first album, the result is a series of ten-eight titles, homogeneous in its nature awesome colorful is supplemented, at once full of and full of meaning.


In astronomy, a celestial body is a body is producing ” the alien intrusion into the atmosphere, a phenomenon that the light is particularly intense “. 2019-Boliden is one singer and two producers, seeking to redefine the concept of the Boys-Band, the since their apartment. A dangerous idea, but captivating !

Influenced by the music of Tyler The Creator, Hamza, pulling, and by the Paris scene from Myth Syzer, Ichon, Bonnie banana, etc, racing cars, a universe builds Trap-Pop makes large displacements, and the poetry of the counter, where mix the cut love songs and laser, large hard drives and losers. Their first 4 singles, ” 24 “, ” speaker “, “Give” or ” reflection “, were received between January and June 2019, allowed the audience, and you will discover these hybrids and poetic ” slalomant sent between the stereotypes of rap and pop “.

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Thursday, 17 October, 2019, from 20 clock
The sights of Bikini-vol. 40
Prices : € 6, – / free for members