Toulouse. The singer, Apple-headlining attractions of the Bikini, the places 6, – euro


The singer’s Apple, named after the Victories of the music, will be the main headliner attractions of the Bikini, Wednesday, 19. February 2020, in Ramonville, near Toulouse.

The singer Apple, a concert at the Bikini, Toulouse, on Wednesday, 19. February 2020.
The singer Apple, a concert at the Bikini, Toulouse, on Wednesday, 19. February 2020. (©Marta Bevacqua / Facebook Apple)

It is a rendezvous of the musical is now inevitable Toulouse. Each quarter of the Curiosities of the Bikini let the musical talents of tomorrow, and all this at a price, with the help of the entire competition, (6, – euro Distressed, in this case). Artists such as Eddy de Pretto and Clara Luciani (to cite just a few), there are products in the last few years.

We present you programmed the artists, to the 42e issue, focus pop, scheduled for Wednesday, 19. February 2020. The good news is, there are still some places free !

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Apple at the top shows

Only 23 years old, Clear Pommet, so-called. Apple already The victories of the music,, which will take place on 14 February, in the category “album” revelation “. The day of the ceremony, it is a reissue of his second album with the title “The cracks are hidden” will be displayed. They will be on tour in many areas of Germany this winter and spring, and the Old plows this summer, before curling your 2020 Olympics in the coming november.

The singer the texts are dark and gentle melodies (piano or guitar) that seem to have all of the right outputs of a music box, is definitely the headliner of this 42e the output of the sights of the Bikini.

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Scheel, between the Orient and the Occident

The duo Evil Eyein EP released in september of last year, Mary, the East and the West, as the two sides of the same amulet. Born in a suburb of paris, of parents, Algerian, Sarah grew in her, the rai of Cheb View: pop Britney Spears. The heiress to the “souk of the cultures” of Rachid Taha, she sings in Arabic and French. Alexis, a multi-accomplished instrumentalist, he studied Baroque music at the Conservatory before you begin-guitar, gypsy and rock. Of draw, in its origin, in Romania, he tried to make alliances between singular traditional rhythms and electronic sounds.

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Vixen, to the sound of the guitars

The group from toulouse Vixen a bet : mix the guitars with the rhythmic, elegant skirt, the Anglo-Saxon and the language of Molière. The four young vixen were published in December 2019 to a new clip (product of Agnès Salson, The forest Uchtbogenschutz), gives a good idea of the universe, in the bath, this pack of toulouse.

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Practical Info
The sights of the Bikini, volume 42
Vixen + Apple + Evil Eye
Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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