Toulouse. With “The Berliner”, a huge night techno event in a Bikini


Friday, October 31. January 2020 in Toulouse, Bikini enjoys a night of techno in berlin, with several DJ’s from the renowned and an interior that is immersive on the space theme. For more detailed information.

In a night of techno in berlin on Friday, 31. January 2020, in a Bikini, in the vicinity of Toulouse.
In a night of techno in berlin on Friday, 31. January 2020, in a Bikini, in the vicinity of Toulouse. (©CHRISTELLE.D Photographer)

Attention, fat in the evening in perspective ! The evenings “The Berlin “to become and in a few years to an important event for lovers of techno and electro Toulouse.

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Night techno-Bikini

Friday, October 31. January 2020, the associations of The Berlin Regarts organize in a night of techno in the theatre hall of the mythical… The Bikinilocated in Ramonville-Saint-Agne, Haute-Garonne). From 0.30 am to 5.30 am, the Bikini is so the development of electronic music in berlin. With a promise of the textured ceiling from the organizers : the “techno-table” , the ” rhythms breakés and bleeps of analog good old school “.

Several DJ just came from Berlin to be part of it. Peter Van Hoesen, Artifact and Blind Observatory. The Paris Jules Gaardis also behind the decks.

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A scenography, spatial

And in addition to stage, promise the organizers put on a great show ! “In order that the search function, either global, immersive, the scenic aspect of the trip will be re-assured by the team Ascidiacea, which is not, to his first night flight with us. For his latest creation, the collective is a stage for Berlin’s image scalable around the theme of heavenly bodies and space. On Board of the vehicle, Corae, video-stroboscope-encrypted transfer, laser radiation, and ballet, the lights of the club go diving into a world of poetic and hypnotic “, to explain the associations of The Berlin Regarts, the event facebook.

In addition to price, there are about 18€ in advance and 22€ on site.

UTC+1 3101.2020

31012020 of The Berlin-Bikini: Peter Van Hoesen, artifact-live & more

Published The Berlin on Sunday, the 15. December 2019

Practical Info
Friday, 31 January 2020 in a Bikini (Ramonville-Saint-Agne)
Price presale : 18€ / on site : 22€
Info and bookings on the website of the Bikini