Tour Music Fest 2023 is back, info and registration

The largest music competition for singers, rappers, DJs, bands and emerging musicians in Europe, where artists such as Mahmoud, Federica Carta, Ermal Meta, Chiara dello Yacovo, Federica Abbate and many others have triumphed in previous editions, after the European Tour , which has reached 7 countries between Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Spain, returns to Brescia on August 29 for a week in the history of the Tour Music Fest in search of the best Brescia musical talents with a day of music, live performances and training.

So Tour Music Fest starts its 15th edition with many confirmations and many new features from the Artistic Commission, this year featuring Maestro Beppe Vessicchio, Cara DioGuardi (Former American Idol Jury Member and Producer Pink, Eminem and Demi Lovato) , Ensi, Paola Folli. , Francesco Rapaccioli (Lazza and Irama vocal coach among many others), who has the difficult task of evaluating, educating and supporting the finalist artists of this new edition of the Tour Music Fest.

In about 5 years, the Live Auditions of the Tour Music Fest (which will cover 23 Italian cities this year) returns to Brescia and will feature Brescia artists challenging each other to the sound of music to win a spot. at the international final of the Tour Music Fest 2023 with the goal of winning 10,000 euros, a concert tour, the production of a single proposed by Riunite, Lambrusco wine, the drunkest in the world, scholarships at the University of Berkeley, the most famous musical institution in the world, as well as other musical instruments offered Algam Eko, the largest distributor of musical instruments in Europe.

The event, dedicated to a new generation of music, will offer Brescia (at the IndieBox music center) a day full of music, performances and training.
Tour Music Fest live auditions are scheduled for August 29, in which hundreds of artists will perform and battle against the Tour Music Fest’s artistic committee over a day full of performances with the goal of being selected to compete in the national finals of the competition. which will be held in San Marino from 27 November to 2 December.

TMF is a music competition born in Italy in 2007 with an innovative concept that aims to support artists who pursue their dream of breaking into the world of music, helping them find their way, improve, grow creatively. . A musical context that is not decided by the mere selection of artists, but in which each artist benefits from experience by constantly comparing himself to the Artistic Commission coaches and to the artists participating in the event in order to share, collaborate and support each other. .

Registration for participation in the castings of the new issue is still open and you can apply by filling out the online form on the official website.

Partners: Republic of San Marino, Berklee College of Music, Riunite,, Algam Eko.
Tour Music Fest: Facebook – Instagram – Youtube

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