Tourette’s syndrome stops him and the audience sings Koi Jise Tum Pyaar Kiya

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video of Lewis Capaldi at Glastonbury Roaming around the world. He was very impressed when the audience helped the singer during the concert. The artist had difficulty singing one of his most famous songs: someone loved youCauses of Tourette syndrome.

The images touch fans, users, artists around the world, who support Capaldi’s voice and personality, which never ceases to stir the hearts of his audiences. Let’s go in search of the video of the moment that left its mark on the world of music today.

Video Lewis Capaldi at Glastonbury: he got emotional in front of the fans

lewis capaldi comes on stageLast Glastonbury Festival, The internationally renowned British artist is having a hard time tuning her most famous song, someone loved youThrough Tourette’s syndrome,

to meet him, to allow him to finish the show Public He she voiced at the top of my lungs all words in the texttill the end.

The artist’s heart was filled with pride and immense feelings. This video is going viral around the world and we let you watch it below:

Suddenly it is the public that serves the artist, guarantees affection and understanding Moment as unexpected, as touch.

Lewis Capaldi Tourette, since when?

Lewis Capaldi’s condition has not been publicly disclosed for some time. However, it seems to have been going on for several years. The artist shared his experience with the public only in September 2022 colleague billie eilish,

Capaldi said:

“It is something I have lived by all my life. Everyone who knows me, from my relatives to my friends, knows this.”

During a live on Instagram he said:

“apparently I have always been suffering from it., The worst thing is that the thing reveals itself When I’m excited, I’m stressed or happy, It happens all the time. Some days it’s tough, some days less so.”

Over time he reassured his fans:

“It’s not as bad as it looks.”

Read here for more details on the topic.

Therefore, due to Tourette’s syndrome, the artist has several uncontrolled ticks that a few times they don’t allow her to sing, Its glastonbury However, it was one of the clearest cases they found amazing support from the crowd Who has not left the artist.

Capaldi tried to resume singing without success. on the microphone He interrupted the performance saying,

,I’m really sorry, I hope Avis will take me back, even though it was a bit of a crap show.

And this is where the public has decided to intervene, and help out the British singer by the end of the entire piece.

Tears, hugs, smiles. It was a strong feeling for everyone present at the concert and also for the users who are commenting and spreading the video with their shares.

Lewis Capaldi Concert 2023, Halt

We already know it hasn’t been an easy time for British artists. He was forced to cancel his tour dates during the month of June. To think about his mental health.

However, he explained that he would not leave her striving to be able to perform at Glastonbury And so happened.

The announcement comes days ahead of the release of her self-titled album broken by the desire to be sent to heaven, Despite the ban, not all fans stop supporting, admiring and paying attention to Lewis Capaldi.

Singer said:

“The last few months have been complete both mentally and physically, i am not going home As it should be since christmas And at this point I’m having a hard time getting to the bottom of everything. I need to take some time to rest and recover, do my best and prepare for Glastonbury and all the other amazing shows to come so I can continue doing what I love for a long time to come .

We have explained this topic in detail here.

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