Tourism Sector is preparing three digital campaigns to recover from the effect of the COVID-19


The Association of Secretaries of Tourism (ASETUR) prepare three campaigns to counter the crisis that has generated the COVID-19 in the sector, in the hands of leaders and entrepreneurs that already provided for the participation of 16 strategic markets at the international level, as well as the campaign of the national court and the relevance of a digital campaign support to be developed in three stages.

In meeting with Miguel Torruco, secretary of Tourism, ASETUR defined guidelines that will provide containment against the economic impact that it has had the pandemic coronavirus in the sector and, therefore, in all the tourist destinations in the country.

In respect to the healthy distance for sanitary contingency, the meeting was so remote past Wednesday, April 8, on the part of the Secretariat of Tourism. which, in the company of members of the guild decided that the international campaign would be integrated by: Germany, China, Uk, Japan, South Korea, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, The United States, France, Italy, Australia, Canada and Spain.

With respect to the national level, he noted that the campaign will be implemented in all segments and tourist regions of the country, this according to Luis Humberto Araiza Lopez, president of the executive council of ASETUR and secretary of Tourism of Baja California Sur. Araiza Lopez also noted that each of the 32 states of the Mexican Republic will opportunity to build a narrative that is accompanied by a strategic line of communication.

In the flat digital, the industry of tourism commented that the strategy will be used as a platform to VisitMéxico, in addition to strengthened the ties that come with the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE), in order to implement the Council of Diplomacy Desk; the exploration of the strategy in general took into account the markets of origin of tourists most important in Mexico.

To do so was relevant the participation of the main leaders of the tourism sector in the country and it was through the different synergies an agreement was reached to of the three campaigns (national, international, and accompanying digital), which are covered in intermediate stages: immediate, intermediate, and recovery.

Another of the options put forward by the tourism sector was based on the application of the reduction of employer contributions to worker safety, which was made through a letter addressed to Alfonso Romo, head of the office of Presidency, a proposal made by the National Council Of The Tourism Industry.

In the letter the Council requests three measures that he considers of primary importance for the rescue of the sector: the temporary waiver of fees, the patron saint of the IMSS, as well as the deductibility on 100% of these by way of scheme of recovery; the temporary exemption of contributions to Infonavit and Afores, in addition to the activation of a security to encourage the creation of jobs, which would allow the industry to address the crisis by COVID-19. In relation to the exemptions labour, the Council has called for a grace minimal and temporary only three months.

According to the Centre for Research of Competitiveness of Tourism in the Universidad Anáhuacthe impact of the pandemic coronavirus in Mexico is equivalent to the 3% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) cheap. The data was contributed by the president of ASETUR, of which we may comment that indicates that the consumption of the domestic market and the market is receptive can reduce between 50 and 80% correspondingly in the function of official regulations, which would result in low income, mass layoffs and bankruptcies in the tourism sector.

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