Tournaments galore at Specter’s Tuscan house

May and June, packed with tournaments in the Tuscan house of the first paddle network in Italy. As for the other Houses of the network (Milan and Venice editions), the Tuscan club has been the venue of many sporting events, First up is the Powerade Tournament. A fierce challenge in which 24 women and 48 men entered the fray – Certainly a good number of participants – who were able to challenge each other on the 7 courts of Spectre’s House on May 13th and 14th. We would like to remind you that in spring and summer the multipurpose center is inhabited by people who can use not only the paddle courts, but also the swimming pool, the gym and many other services related to paddles.


In addition to this important tournament, we can also add to the agenda the new format that we already told you about: Fantapadèle. In fact, most of the matches were held in the month of May, The Grand Finale took place on 8 June, the day the Purple Team of coach SPH Silvia Tracinelli and the Blue Team of Matteo Prachi met on the field.

donation program

Finally, in June, SPH Firenze took part in two important events. was the first charity tournament “I Help the Mayor” In which club director Nicolo Salvatore participated on behalf of SPH. In its third edition the event has contributed Donation of €10,000.00 to the Children’s Hospital, The second event was the Città di Campi tournament: it began on 5 June and ended on 22 June and featured 64 players challenging each other on the field for prize money of €100 each. In addition, the tournament also included the main sponsor of Studio Nuti Immobiliare, sponsor of one of the seven courts of Florence House.

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