Towels smell?With this trick, it won’t happen again

Towels smell?With this trick, it won’t happen againinterest

Towels are used multiple times and need to be constantly washed and damp present in most bathrooms, A cocktail ends up producing a foul smell that seeps into fabrics so that almost impossible to remove.

Keep towels from becoming a source of germsAccording to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), should be washed once a week, Unless it’s the stuff we use for activities like going to the gymExcellent Must be washed after each use Importantly, they are made of high-quality cotton and not shared with anyone.

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The Secret to Eliminating Smell from Towels

Follow all these washing guidelines and your towels will have a harder time accumulating unpleasant odorsbut in case they still have it, There are some tricks to remove it.

“trick” Even the makers of these items recommend just use white vinegaralthough this product is not suitable for washing machine drawers, it is best to wash by hand, Soak a washcloth in a container of cold water and add lemon juice and the aforementioned white vinegar, once submerged They have to be soaked for half an hour, then rinsed and washed in the washing machine as usualhe, although the best about 60 degrees Temperature, because bacteria are more easily destroyed at high temperatures.

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For the best possible results, Towels are best dried outside, preferably in a sunny, well-ventilated areait’s important Make sure they are completely dry before folding and putting them in the wardrobe.

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