Toyota prepares a sports Corolla with a turbo engine and more than 260 horses

Toyota is developing a GR Corolla. This means that the historical model will have a very sporty configuration version. The acronym GR refers to Gazoo Racing, the competition division of the Japanese brand. It will be available for the five-door version.

The GR Corolla will be Toyota’s second full-breed GR. The first is the GR Yaris, a hatchback inspired by the rally that was launched in Argentina with a batch of just 300 units and very high prices.

The important thing is that the GR Corolla and GR Yaris do not confuse them with Corolla GR-Sport and Yaris GR-Sport. The latter are versions with an exclusive look and slight structural tweaks, but they do not become radical sports to get on the slopes.

For now, the manufacturer has not officially ruled on the matter, but the North American subsidiary published on Instagram a photo of the Corolla’s driving position with the legend “Keep them guessing”, which could be translated by something like “keep them in suspense” or “keep the expectation.”

Toyota prepares a sports Corolla with a turbo engine and more than 260 horses

The photo is full of nods to the possible GR Corolla. One of them is the inscription G: 16 on the instruments, in reference to the engine of the GR Yaris. Also, the air conditioning dial the numbers “2 68”, which could be an indicator of potency. And on the central screen the GPS marks a street called “GR Four”, in clear allusion to the all-wheel drive system that it will have (it offers Normal, Sport and Track modes).

The engine of the Toyota GR Corolla will be the 1.6-liter turbo GR Yaris (261 hp), but it is a fact that it will have tweaks to surpass it in power. Some believe it will have 268 HP; that is, with 272 CV. Meanwhile, the suspension will add reinforced components and a different geometry, in addition to resorting to the multi-link configuration of the GR Yaris on the rear axle.

How much is the Toyota Corolla GR-Sport worth in Argentina

The new Toyota Corolla GR-S It is sold in Argentina in a single version, which is imported from Brazil for a price of 3.84 million pesos.

This is the Corolla GR-Sport that is sold in Argentina.  Photo: Toyota.
This is the Corolla GR-Sport that is sold in Argentina. Photo: Toyota.

Aesthetically differentiated by the design of the 17-inch alloy wheels (the tires are 225/45), the exclusive front bumper with aerodynamic details, the grille surface, the metallic black roof, the black exterior mirrors, the Button start system in Gazoo Racing design, the seats upholstered in natural and eco-leather combined with Ultrasuede and red stitching, and the interior GR emblem with unit serial number.

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