Toyota will “remanufacture” its used cars to make them as new as possible

If something permanently haunts the heads of buyers of a used car, it is, precisely, mistrust. What actual use the unit will have had, what maintenance it has received, and what condition it is in beyond what is visible. To end that Toyota fear you will use a factory you own in England.

What he will do there is, neither more nor less, than to make a complete overhaul of units and replace the necessary parts to leave them in optimal condition. At least initially it is intended for the units of the company once the leasing or renting contracts have been finalized, methodologies widely used in Europe.

Thus, after their first four years of life, those units will return to a Toyota factory for a comprehensive review and be in optimal condition. They did not elaborate on what procedures they will undergo but will include the replacement of parts.

The ranking with the automakers that registered the most innovations.  Photo: Toyota.
The ranking with the automakers that registered the most innovations. Photo: Toyota.

The idea is that people may distrust the condition of a used car, but not a used car tuned and certified by the own automaker that made it. Currently there are companies that recondition used, but since they do not have the “authority” of the brand.

This is part of the new fleet-centric mobility sub-brand, called Kinto. “We have to extend the way to view the life of the car”, They say in the Japanese brand.

In this way, the second user of the vehicle will have it as new as possible, and the process could be repeated before the third user acquires it. It is a concept that is already applied to cell phones and computers.

La Hiñux, one of Toyota's sales stars.
La Hiñux, one of Toyota’s sales stars.

At the moment the service will be applied in United Kingdom. In fact, the plant where it will take place is one of those that makes the Corolla, the company’s best seller.

The used market is a niche where automakers only partially entered. However, the potential of the business – they assure in Toyota – is very high. In some countries, buying a used is three times more likely among citizens than that of a zero kilometer. that the

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