Traffic-Red operations in accordance with the city – the bad effects



The replacement of the person responsible for the service on this line was brought forward to this Friday (the 31st).

A little on the bad effectsA little on the bad effectsPhoto: Ernesto Katsu

With the approval of the State Agency for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan), the Transport, the swallow began with the run on Friday (31) to be used in the service of the line, 061, Corumba – Ladario. The operations to be feared were on the day, to ensure that users are not left without support, due to the lack of bus transportation, the Brazilian team, which is currently replaced.

Since the early hours of the morning, the passengers are now traveling with the new company. Sure, the bus started to run on the day before the official schedule is set up to allow the user to, would not, without transportation, especially to the residents of the bad effects, which, if you travel early in the morning in the city.

Each and every bus by the driver and three other employees in a task force to advise and assist the passengers. The vehicles are modern, are equipped with electronic ticketing system. How many passengers bought paper tickets from the former company, in the first day and a replacement is carried out, in the interior of the bus to the shipping.

The focus is on the trip in the next few days, is that the change in the counter, Something on the bad effects of the city. For all who want to buy the new tickets, the procedure is the same: search the help to acquire a Little, a debit card, and a new energy. This is a card that is from now on in all your trips Online.

The Red is now operating with four buses, a characteristic city, with 41 seats and a capacity of up to 78 passengers, the modernisation of the fleet in terms of structure, if the condition of the cars, were a source of constant complaints.

The technical staff of the Agepan you coordinate in the city for two days, the transition, and follow the progress of the first phase of the operation.


The Director of the transportation Agency, First Rodrigues points out that, with the replacement of a service provider, it is very important that the user be aware of it. “All this change is for the benefit of the user, the quality of the service. So, it is important that those in the transport, know your rights, your obligations, and be able to take advantage of the best way.”

– The scheme by which it is executed has not changed for a while. This means that the pick-up time from the bad effects of the city and the planned attack on the points allowed are still the same. In the case of non-compliance with the time with the old provider I used to be one of the main complaints of the users, and with the expectation of increased efficiency of the new carrier, these times tend to be completed with more accuracy.

– Passengers with tickets to angra dos reis, Brazil squad, as well as the companies that bought a lot of vouchers for their employees, the appointment of the 10. In February, the trade-off, in any window of the car and Swallow for free. The new system is electronic, and requires the purchase of the card, where the user you want to charge a fee for the amount of tickets.

– There was no change in the services available for free legally. But should pay attention to the instructions of the staff in relation to the correct identification, from these advantages.

E – mail to the customer Service Department of the dealership is on 0800 704 8780; for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, or speech, the number 0800 703 5203 is. These are the numbers you should use, if you have any questions about the service

– For questions, suggestions and complaints in the event that the problem is not solved by the service provider, the office of the Ombudsman, the Agepan answer on the phone number 0800 600 0506 or complaints officer be registered directly in the electronic system and the office of the Ombudsman/


The replacement of the operator on the line in Corumba – Ladario, is one of the first results of the redesign of the road Transport System Intercity initiated by the government of the state.

Actions such as these, which were adopted by the Agepan, walk-in, coordinated in parallel with the development of the master Plan of Transportation (PDTC), in conjunction with the Secretariat of infrastructure (Seinfra). At the termination of the Plan, and the following bids to the general of the lines expected to be completed is 2022 to October. During this time, according to a contract, by the state, the Public Prosecutor of the state, the Agency is obliged to check the individual performance of each operator, and define the Problem or not, the call authorization is Limited.

To request the deadline for the company a temporary leave, in order to win at the end of December, and on the road, the Brazilian team has shown not to be in a position to keep your operating line, the choice to apply for a residence card. The Plan for the improvements, as determined by the Agepan, and who is going to participate in the town hall not go, and the Agency is made by the exchange operator.

Source: Gizele Oliveira, state Agency responsible for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan)