Tragedy in Ecatepec: I was 14 years old and took care of her sick mother of Covid-19, but died electrocuted


Juan Eduardo it was very brave and decided to take care of her mother Adriana when sick of Covid-19 a few days ago. Was the only breadwinner for the woman of 37 years in the midst of his illness, but this Friday was a tragedy when they went down a storm and accidentally the young man electrocutó and died.

Hours before the accident, Adriana began to have respiratory failure so an ambulance came to take her to a hospital while the teen was at home cleaning.

The teenager 14 years had to turn on the water pump to continue its workhowever a heavy rain caused the young man electrocutara. His neighbors saw him sweep away busily for minutes before the accident.

In addition to Juan EduardoAdriana has three children morea teen girl of 15 and two twin children. The be head of family and infection of Covid-19 immersed in a crisistherefore decided to send their children with family members, but his eldest son refused and insisted on taking care of it.

“My son said to me I’ll stay with you, I am not going to forget that he said not a mom with the disease itself you die, what am I going to do?, no mommy I am dying with you, we die togetherand she came with me and it’s something that I’m going to thank I will be very grateful for that always,” said Adriana to the portal Excélsior.

The woman is a taxi driver and not know exactly where you were infected, however, Juan Eduardo was in charge of feeding him, and taking care of it. Recently turned 14 years old, and I was sad for the situation, however, the lawyer Carlos Mota, from the foundation Of the learned, from neighbors, from his situation and brought him a cake the adolescent and a pantry for both of you.

When the lawyer learned of the tragedy he went to make the arrangements for delivery of the body of the child and sadly recounted what happened in a video on your social networks. It showed devastated by the death of the young man, and shared the outrageous response of some neighbors. They were harassed by the mother and her son to know that she was infected with the new coronavirus.

Adriana is a taxi driver and head of family

However, the physical pain because of the virus that has turned upside down the world is not the only thing that has suffered, as a result of which he gave to know their diagnosis has had discrimination and attacks on the part of their coworkers.

In several media interviews has said that he could have contracted the virus during the last week of February, when he took three subjects of asian origintwo adults and a minor, of the metro Aztec city to the Plaza Las Americas. One of those people, highlighted in the talks, used face cloths.

Up on march 12 he felt the first symptoms of the disease; however, during the period between the travel to the end of February and his sufferings, performed their work on a daily basisfor travel within Ecatepec or to Tecámac, Valley of Teotihuacan, or even the Mexico city were constant and numerous.

On the same day in which he felt the first ravages of the disease decided to go to the Institute of Health of the State of Mexico for review. There she was diagnosed with influenza type J11because it had come with a fever. We recommended that he return to his home and stayed in isolation because “she was vulnerable to me give one thing more strong”, related to News.

The medications prescribed were acetaminophen, naproxen, and loratadinebut these were not working to lessen their symptoms. “It was weird, my breathing was fine, until he said ‘I’m going to cure’, but nothing again have problem”, which was added to severe pains in the chest, as well as to fevers up to 40.5 degrees. Before this panorama, decided to consult other specialists.

For the march 20, took the determination to go to the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER). By their symptoms, those who took care of you suspected that I had Covid-19 and paid 1,492 weights for a test. The returned home with the prescription of a antiviral to lessen the effects and a call of attention for having taken naproxen, which is “prohibidísimo” for the box that showed up.

After a few days, the INER will confirmed that was a carrier of the Covid-19 and recommended that made mists so that I could breathe in a better wayin addition to taking all the necessary precautions for not to spread the virus home and infect other members of your family.

After several days of having commenced his confinement, Adriana began to have episodes in which his skin was burning. “I burns like when you jump, a droplet of boiling oil, but all over the body. I already have four days as well. I get to bathe because I can’t stand, or the rub of clothing, it is more, until the water hurts”, narrated for The Universal.

But not only has suffered from the ravages of the diseasebut also of the discrimination of his coworkers, so he decided to record a video in which he warned about taken seriously this virus that has spread throughout the country and transmit it by means of the various groups WhatsApp I had with other taxi drivers.

However, the responses he received were not encouraging. “People started to agredirme and to tell me that it was a relatedthat was sold PRIthat had given me food, money. Later, the same guild said that he was cashing in on them, with the carriers, she wanted to call the attention (…) My son sent threats” he said with spite Adriana, who is afraid of being attacked when you back out.

“There’s nothing more painful symptoms of the disease, it is painful that one can feel as a person, because it is not understood by the people. They attack you, you look bad and don’t believe. I don’t do it for five minutes of fame, I do It to raise awareness because it is terrible not being able to see your family. I don’t know if my children are good or are bad,” he said.

Despite the criticism it has received on the part of the people, Adriana willed to make known your case despite the physical and emotional that means, to warn the company that you keep necessary care to avoid getting the disease up to the time has claimed the lives of 60 people in the country.

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