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The trailer for the thriller “Control” has been released, which will see the return of Kevin Spacey: the actor will voice a hacker who remotely stalks a woman driving her car.

After recent acquittalwho declared him innocent of the crimes of persecution attributed to him, Kevin Spacey is going to return to the big screen, albeit only with his voice for now: the actor will actually be the disembodied presence that haunts the protagonist Controlthriller, the trailer of which was released in the last few hours.

The trailer shows a woman aboard a “smart car” or self-driving car who suddenly finds her controls hacked and is threatened by a mysterious voice who claims to know her guilty of various crimes.

Plot Control The plot centers on the character of Stella Simmons (Lauren Metcalfe), a British government minister who has an affair with the Prime Minister; One night, while driving home in her car, she realizes that the controls have been hacked, and the voice of a mysterious hacker threatens her, claiming to know her secret.

The Prime Minister’s character will have the face of Mark Hampton, and Kevin Spacey – the voice of the stalker who takes control of the car. The UK-produced film does not currently have a specific release date, but is expected to hit cinemas by the end of 2023.

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