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Netflix has released the trailer for a new animated film, The Monkey King, inspired by the Chinese classic Journey to the West, which will be available on the platform in August.

Netflix recently shared a trailer monkey king, an animated film directed by Anthony Stakka and written by Steve Bencic and Ron J. Friedman. The film is a retelling of a classic of Chinese literature. Journey to the Westattributed to Wu Cheng’en has already been shown on the big and small screen several times.

The plot tells the story of Sun Wukong, better known as the Monkey King, a very proud monkey who had his magical fighting stick stolen from him. Thus, the monkey travels in search of the Dragon King or whoever stole his stick: the Monkey King will have to face and defeat hundreds of opponents before reaching the thief.

But the monkey king soon discovers that the main obstacle lies within himself, and this is his boundless pride. It will be an encounter with a village girl that will make him realize that every action, no matter how small, has great consequences, and that in order to achieve his goal, he will need to put aside his pride.

monkey kingCreated by Netflix Animation, Pearl Studio, Reel FX Creative Studios and Star Overseas, it will be available on Netflix starting August 18.

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