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Trailer for the Blood Money update for Red Dead Online, which will add DLSS

Rockstar Games has officially unveiled the new Blood Money update for Red Dead Online and released a trailer. The DLC takes you to the Saint-Denis underworld and offers you new raids and loot.

The first part of the DLC will be released on July 13th. Further content will be posted at a later date.

Blood Money connects you with the notorious criminal’s Guido Martelli and Angelo Bronte. They are looking for shooters to complete assignments. These missions open up new opportunities for money and loot. It’s called Crime and Opportunity, and it forms the bulk of the DLC. In addition to the new missions, The Quick Draw Club is another new form of Battle Pass coming to the game.

Blood Money introduces a new kind of work known as crime. These can range from simple stagecoach robberies to multi-stage robberies that require you to kidnap people, “brutally” collect debts, and more. You can do them as part of a squad of cutthroats or alone.

As part of the July 13 update, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online on PC will receive NVIDIA DLSS support. The newly supported feature increases the frame rate and creates beautiful, clear images.

Here’s an overview of the content of the DLC:

  • “Crime and Opportunity”: New Quests and Loot
  • The Quick Draw Club with 4 New Battle Passes
  • Returning items and clothing from the Outlaw Pass
  • DLSS support for RDR2 and RDO

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