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Transcend Introduces SSD with Intelligent Power Shield Technology

Transcend Information has announced four series of solid-state drives designed for use in embedded systems. A distinctive feature of the new products is the Intelligent Power Shield (IPS) technology, which ensures the safety of stored information in the event of a sudden power outage.

A built-in detector monitors the amount of voltage supplied from the power supply to the drive. When the voltage drops below the critical value, it switches to an autonomous power source, the role of which is played by polymer tantalum capacitors (PTC) installed on the board. Their charge is enough to have time to transfer all the data from the DRAM buffer to the SSD flash memory. This solution allows you to significantly improve the reliability of drives when working in difficult conditions, which is especially important when used in equipment that accumulates large amounts of data for subsequent analysis.

Models of the MTS952P and MTE662P series are made in the form of M.2 2280 boards and are equipped with SATA and PCI Express 3.0 (x4) interfaces, respectively. The MSA452P and SSD452P series are equipped with a 6Gb / s SATA interface and are made in the form of an mSATA card and in a 2.5-inch 7mm case, respectively. The new products use 3D NAND flash memory chips with a 96-layer structure, the cells of which can withstand up to 3 thousand write/erase cycles.

According to the manufacturer’s data, the drives presented are capable of functioning normally at ambient temperatures from –20 to 75 ° C. To increase the reliability of products in the production process, the technology of angular casting is used: a layer of epoxy resin is applied along the perimeter of the microcircuits soldered on the board, which then hardens when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. This creates a structural bond between the chip and the printed circuit board that can withstand high thermal and vibration loads and has a high fatigue safety factor. After manufacturing, the products are thoroughly tested.

The capacities of the MTE662P and MSA452P drives are 256 and 128 GB, respectively. The MTS952P series includes models ranging from 64GB to 1TB, and the SSD452P series ranges from 64GB to 2TB.

The manufacturer provides a limited three-year warranty for all new items.

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