Transformers: Awakening – Steven Caple Jr. reveals (later deleted) reference to Hailee Steinfeld.

Steven Caple Jr — director of Transformers: Awakening — revealed the existence of a deleted scene that referenced Bumblebee’s protagonist Hailee Steinfeld and also teased her likely return in sequels in development. Warning: this article contains SPOILERS.

Transformers: Awakening – currently in theaters around the world – brought back the iconic Hasbro toy franchise, unable to find its own direction after being abandoned by Michael Bay. Conceived as “interim movie” between the main saga and the Bumblebee spin-off.this is a feature film the action takes place in the 90s and this will be the first chapter new trilogy. According to the director, Stephen Caple Jr.. – in leadership negotiations transformers 8 – the project contained linklater cancelled, only for the spin-off’s young protagonist, Charlie WatsonIn execution Haley Steinfeld.

Transformers: Awakening and reference to Hailee Steinfeld

Although it cannot compete with other franchise chapters at the box office, bumblebee was the feature film most acclaimed by critics and audiences, allowing the saga to restart in a more “intimate” vein after its failure Transformers: The Last Knight. So it’s not surprising that Stephen Capel Jr. wanted insert a small gift – then canceled on build – to my young hero, Charlie Watson, whose path is closely connected with the Bumblebee Transformer. To the microphones Hollywood ReporterCaple Jr. then went on to detail the deleted scene:

We actually filmed a scene where Bumblebee pulls out a Polaroid of himself and Charlie. (…) The scene is probably still among the eliminated, postponed. Bumblebee decides to show the photo to Optimus Prime so that he understands how special his connection with people was (…) I like Hailee Steinfeld, but I haven’t met her yet. How does it end Transformers: Awakening However, many possibilities remain open.

As the director himself intended, Steinfeld so it could be participation in upcoming franchise sequels – in fact, we remember that bumblebee installed in 1987so a few years earlier than Transformers: Awakening. If the feature films in development pick up the story where it currently left off, we’ll really need all the help we can get to take down Unicron. So Charlie could be called G.I. Joewith Noah Diaz (Anthony Ramos). However, Steinfeld is currently involved in two MCU franchises where she plays. Keith Bishop – and the Sony Spider-Man universe – where doppelgänger of Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman. So all that’s left is to wait updates about the possible return of the young star in the saga transformers.

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