Transparent, light bangs that open the forehead.

THATDecided on the fringe and especially, should it be done at the end of summer? “transparent” model, also called see through “look through” could do the right thing. Minimum risk, minimum maintenance: sheer fringe this is the latest “invention” of the treacherous fringe territory. What is it about? From the light model so much so that let me look at the forehead easy to implement and, above all, easy to maintain.

Hair, the “transparent” fringe trend

Set aside the bangs of Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, thick, perfectly combed and voluminous in the right place. For those who have never tried it, such a fringe is not the best debut: it is difficult to care for it, and it requires very expensive care. The alternative comes from Asia and is sheer bangs, perfect for those who are interested in trying on one of the most popular hair accessories of recent times.

Sheer fringe it appears very thin, so thin that it almost seems sparse, and allows the forehead to be seen. It discreetly frames the face without overwhelming it. For example, recently he was chosen by Camila Cabello, Victoria De Angelis and model Grace Elizabeth.

Bangs “transparent2” on Grace Elizabeth, Bella Hadid, Victoria Maneskin (Instagram)

Advantages transparent bangs

Why choose transparent bangs? Because it gives the benefits of having a fringe, emphasize the look, correct the shape of the face and, possibly, divert attention from the signs of aging, without setting the task of preserving it. Not by chance Highly recommended by hair stylists for those looking to change up their summer hair look..

Fringe: all the fashion styles of 2022.

Fringe: all the fashion styles of 2022.

From Asia, he conquered Europe and the USA with his simplicity and his ability to adapt to all hair types, including curls. Leaving aside the drop-down list model, which has been declining in social media lately, transparent bangs do not need a hair dryer or special folds, it is enough to comb it with one brush strokealthough many wear it slightly disheveled, and it does not need to be tinted often at the hairdresser. At the same time, it can be the most comfortable length, above or below the eyebrows.

Who is transparent bangs suitable for?

Another plus? It adapts to all faces, no matter if the forehead is wide or low. and helps camouflage protruding noses, unlike more traditional designs.

plus it especially suitable for thin hair: in this case, we usually try to avoid bangs, for fear that they can empty the hair. However, with this model, the problem is solved. In short, this is the turning point for an extra touch to your summer hairstyle.


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