Trash joke?Boy bursts into tears after learning about ‘Messi’s death’, his reaction goes viral | Video

Photos documenting people on social media have been “trendy” for a while now. Joking about their favorite celebrity or athlete passing away For natural reasons at home, when they are on vacation, and the most ingenious (and tragic) bets on accidents or illnesses; however, in the past few hours, a trend that has emerged on TikTok has been fueled by new viral reactions And resurrection.

It’s about the unexpected child’s reaction When his family offers him help, he doesn’t know what to do Sad news about Lionel Messi’s alleged death, Argentine star, world icon. As expected, due to the suspicion of being underage, internet users unleashed a variety of jeers and comments, but others were convinced that it was a bad joke and in very bad taste, as death was not what anyone wished for of.

When he heard that his children would be left alone, the boy began to cry. (Photo: TikTok @arepro23)

The boy learned that Messi “passed away” and didn’t know how to react

User @arepro23 shared the video via TikTok from less than a day ago Over 17 million views, And the thousands of comments didn’t condone this prank on minors. In the first shot, you see the boy playing with a ball in the house, and suddenly a woman’s voice says: “Messi dies at age 36”; To make the news even more believable, another person added in a worried voice:

“Yes, that’s true, I read the note too. This is true, but The thing is I don’t want to tell Sebastian (boy)”.

When asked about the cause of the football star’s death, all you hear is “I don’t know.” In this moment, the child finally becomes a great protagonist because After learning of Messi’s death, he remained motionless and tried to control his eyes from moving around in shock. To add even more drama, a woman present added: “Their little child was left alone, poor thing. Poor child.”

At first, he just stood still, trying to process the information. (Photo: TikTok @arepro23)

After the children listened Lionel Messi Together with Antonella Roccuzzo, the child finally recovered from the state of surprise, cried and tried to move away from the people in the room. Despite the uproar and division of opinion caused by the publication, the user who shared the video assured viewers: “He’s still stiff, Don’t worry, we already told you it was a joke.“.

After seeing the video and the baby’s viral reaction, the comments section offered a variety of opinions on the different expressions minors naturally make when listening to family members talk. "Ambulance started playing," “Messi’s life takes place in his mind”, “Flashbacks of all Messi’s goals and victories”, “He said ‘if I don’t move it’s not real'”, “his breathing even quickened” and “don’t tell that joke, I’m crying”, the publication wrote.

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