Travel abroad: they prohibit the purchase of tickets in installments

The national government eliminated the fees for the purchase of tickets abroad. As anticipated TN, the measure begins to take effect as of this Friday. It was communicated after a resolution of the Central Bank.

Officially, the Central Bank issued a statement in which prohibits them to financial and non-financial entities issuing credit cards finance in installments purchases made by credit cards of its customers –Human and legal persons– of tickets abroad and other tourist services abroad (such as accommodation, car rental, etc.), either carried out directly with the service provider or indirectly, through a travel and / or tourism agency, web platforms or other intermediaries “.

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The spokesmen explained that people will be able to continue buying financed tickets abroad, but the credit card must inform the interest rate that will apply for the sale in installments. As they clarified, banks or cards must set an interest rate or in exchange offer a personal loan for the purchase of the ticket or the tourist package.

Currently, the interest rate for these operations it is around 43% per year on average. In the case of tickets and domestic tourism packages, they can be marketed through the Now 12 program.

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