Traveling in luxury: Rimowa capsule in collaboration with Tiffany

Traveling has never been so luxurious. Two giants united to create one new capsules which could soon become a status symbol for all travel lovers: Rimova very famous luggage brand has entered into a collaboration with a famous jewelry brand Tiffany and company, giving birth to a luxury collection that has already gone viral and is set to completely rewrite the concept of travel. Three pieces of incredible beauty, combining grace and craftsmanship, innovative spirit and avant-garde design, are the hallmark of both brands.

Iconic Tiffany design at the service of Rimowa functionality

Both the carry-on luggage and the highly prized jewelry case feature “Rock Cut” aesthetics and graphics that capture all the nuances of the diamond while paying homage to the diamond’s dramatic design. Tiffany and company. In this sense, tactile sensations are especially important, especially thanks to the special aluminum cleaning technique created especially in Germany. To make everything even more unique, the texture of the jewelry case is engraved with a T-shaped motif.

Rimowa Tiffany jewelry capsule suitcases - Life&People MagazineThe details are also beautiful and exquisite, further enriching these two objects, complemented by an iconic touch. Tiffany The blue color is present inside, in the clasps, handles and wheels.

The pearl of the collection is personal jewelry.

But probably the most desirable item will be the Personal Jewelry, a real polycarbonate jewelry box consisting of six compartments, suitable for storing precious items such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets safely and, above all, with great comfort. Moreover, the logos of the two brands are located right in the center of the box, separated by two exquisite leather straps. Therefore, anticipation for the product release is growing. capsules The collection, scheduled for September 26 next year, establishes a very specific agreement between two companies that have also become famous for their extremely collaborative approach. In fact, those keeping an eye will remember that the luggage brand has established very important partnerships with other luxury giants in the past. Among many we remember, for example, an adventure with Porsche, United Arrows, Neville Wakefield, Anti Social Club, Fendi, Supreme and Off-White.

Rimowa Tiffany jewelry capsule suitcases - Life&People MagazineAmong the partnerships Tiffany It is important to mention the case of the sportswear giant Nike, as well as Pietro Terzini and another large luxury company such as Fendi with the baguette bag.

A price corresponding to the prestige of the two companies.

Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert is very proud of this., CEO Rimovwho commented on the imminent launch of the collection with the following words:

“Creating such purposeful and unique products reflects the centuries of experience of both brands and the engineering excellence we bring to our lives. The concept, also described by Alexandre Arnault, vice president of communications at Tiffany & Co., adds: “This one-of-a-kind collaboration combines two icons into one, both incredibly personal to me and representing the highest level of craftsmanship.”

Rimowa Tiffany jewelry capsule suitcases - Life&People MagazineBut how much are the jewels of the long-awaited collaboration between two such well-known companies worth? Thus, it is a luxury line aimed at a specific clientele. Will be the cheapest product RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Personal jewelry the price of which will be about 1800 euros. Bye suitcase RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Rock Cut Cabins it will approach 4000 euros. Instead, the “middle” item will be the already highly regarded jewel box, costing €2,900. In a few days we will learn about the real impact on the market of one of the most anticipated launches of the year.

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