Traveloka Complicate The Reimbursement Of The Media Consumer


I do refund on February 28, 2020 for my order number 618824528 and 618824969 with Traveloka with the total value of the order of Rp97.603.239. The normal procedure Traveloka is days reimbursement of the 5 work. Unfortunately, a lot of times I call for help and the response is very slow, while the data refund, I already gave the complete.

After a long wait finally Traveloka, said refund is already in place, 2. March, 2020, and asked me to contact the bank. According to the bank (BCA) no refund of the Traveloka to this day (19. March). Status on apps also transfer of the refund.

So, if Traveloka has lied to me, that actually funds the tsb was not refunded? So where are my funds? Until I was not able to demonstrate a write of this reader, Traveloka has, the reimbursement to the bank. Cautious trade in flight.

I’m so reimburse Traveloka please, don’t lie to consumers. If it is refunded already, I asked for proof of the refund via E-Mail to the E-Mail I have listed.

Peter Alimin
Surabaya 60115

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