“Travis, I’m pregnant.” and the band stops

kourtney kardashian announced to be pregnant In the most original way possible. sister of Kim Kardashian decided to reveal pregnancy during the concert of travis barkerFrom 2022, her husband celebrated something like this even after marriage.lovely life“, Together dolce and gabbana To Portofino, travis barker And this drummer famous band blink 182 And last night he got the most beautiful announcement from his wife.

In fact, he even watched the news live, along with fans and his own feedback She was very sweet. Let’s see what happened at the concert.

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kourtney kardashian announced his pregnancy with Board Written during the concert of “I’m Pregnant” blink 182left everyone speechless including her husband and the band’s drummer travis barker who did not know anything.

Once the drummer saw the billboard and his wife jumping to the beat of the music, he stopped concert and asked fans to light up the billboard for a good read. After the message was understood, Tom DeLonge, lead singer of Blink-182, came off the stage and went to hug Courtney, followed by Travis holding his hand over his mouth in disbelief.

When the drummer hugged and kissed his wife, he was moved and held the eldest of the Kardashians close to him.

both wanted one Son Even before marriage for a long time and now their wish has finally come true.

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