Travis Kelce remembers ‘laughing’ Tom Brady’s pregame ritual

Travis Kelce once mocked Tom Brady during pregame ceremony
Travis Kelce Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Travis Kelce He’ll have more success on the court when he can “get the juices running” – even if it means crossing the line tom brady.

Kyles, 34, co-host of “New Heights” Jason Kelce “The Power of Locker Room Material” was discussed on the Wednesday, Oct. 11 episode of the podcast, which prompted Travis to recall one of his most awkward pregame interactions with an opposing team.

“One time I found the wrong tree,” he recalled. “I think it was the 2015 playoff game against Tom Brady.”

Travis described how Brady, 46, would often run to the sideline and get his teammates “excited” during warmups. “I kind of laughed at him,” he admits. “I could see him go from being hyped by the fans to looking at me like flipping that switch. Like, ‘Who the hell is this young man mocking me now?’ “I was like, ‘Oh, damn. Hopefully I didn’t just create a beast for defense.’ “I just poked the bear.”

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Tom Brady has come a long way since he was first drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000. After signing with the Patriots, the football player eventually earned the nickname “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time) for his impressive on-field skills. Brady even played in nine Super Bowls, winning seven (…)

He continued: “I felt it. … That’s not who you want to poke. Learned that lesson pretty quickly. “Shout out to Tom. “

tom brady Philippe Faraone/Getty Images

Brady was still the quarterback of the New England Patriots at the time. He moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 and beat Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021 Super Bowl before officially confirming his retirement earlier this year.

On their podcast, Travis and Jason analyze the New York Jets following their victory against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, October 8, bringing their offseason drama to the fore.

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broncos coach Sean Payton Slammed his former and current Jets offensive coordinators Nathaniel Hackett In July, he claimed Hackett’s experience with Denver was “one of the worst coaching jobs in NFL history.” (Payton later apologized for his remarks, noting that he could have used “a little more of a filter” in the interview.)

Travis Kelce and Tom Brady speak after the Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium on February 7, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Both Travis and 35-year-old Jason agreed they may have had a “huge” impact on the energy before the team took the field.

“Anything to get the juices flowing. When I play more than just wins and losses…I start digging into things that create that monster in my mind or create that aggression and that focus ,” Travis explained.

While Jason acknowledged that a little swearing might give the team an “advantage,” he noted that’s not his style. “I try not to do that,” he admits. “And it’s true. “I don’t really hate (anyone) by any means. “

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