Travis Scott, Astroworld 2021 police report exonerates him

After being acquitted a few days ago, Travis Scott is also finally acquitted by the investigators’ report on the dramatic events of Astroworld 2021.

Two years have passed since the tragic events that took place in St. Astroworld, a 2021 festival near Houston that saw one of the most dramatic and painful tragedies in live music history.

Ten people died for serious internal injury or suffocation due to a crowd gathered in an area set up for a show.

It was November 5, 2021, the most anticipated name of the Festival was obviously the name of a rapper. Travis Scott.

Travis Scott is not guilty

At a time when there is a lot of talk about the safety and quality of concerts, in the context of an absolutely unjustified increase in ticket prices compared to services guaranteed by the organizers, the discussion also concerns what happens at these concerts where very often the crowd queues for hours to get the best seat, and in some cases becomes a victim of the crowd, the crowd, the heat.

Withdraws from his most ambitious project – a concert under the pyramids – Credit ANSA (

In Houston, all these factors became decisive in predetermining the gravest tragedy. Moreover, all the victims were very young, a couple of them children.

Last month, a grand jury in Texas already decided that make no accusations after what happened.

Police report

The police released their full report yesterday. There is talk of a folder of more than 1300 folders in which the evidence and reconstructions of what happened finally exonerate the rapper.

Travis Scott’s position, also reflected in this report, seems irrefutable compared to what it was when a tragedy occurred a few dozen meters from him, which Scott was only informed about at the end of the concert.

It all started with the spontaneous movement of the crowd, which at some point began to push towards the front of the pit, towards the stage. All victims aged 9 to 27 were crushed. But at the time of the accident, many spectators were forced to resort to medical assistance, accompanied from the arena towards the emergency room.

Responsibility needs clarification

Travis Scott, briefed on the public order issue, immediately suspended his concert, which was interrupted three times in an attempt to protect the victims.

The report also mentions the responsible behavior of the rapper, who tried to help the rescuers from the stage, despite not fully understanding what was happening and the seriousness of the facts.

80 thousand people in Milan for Travis Scott – Credit ANSA (

The day after the concert, judging by the first statements, many of the victims of the show and the families of all the victims they presented one class action involving at least a thousand plaintiffs with potential damages of several billion dollars.

Travis Scott, for his part, said he was devastated by what had happened, proving that he was ready to cooperate with investigators in whatever was necessary. But from the very beginning, the investigation shed light, first of all, on some organizational shortcomings, which now have yet to be discussed in court.

At that time Travis Scott just released his new album, Utopia, released just a few hours ago and there is already talk of a new tour following the extraordinary tour that also brought him Italy in front of 80 thousand people. Despite the appointment, the rapper cared most about who was ahead Egyptian Pyramid of Giza, finally passed after the decisive refusal of the Egyptian cultural and ministerial authorities.

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